Desperate teenage linkspams (21 June 2013)

  • Can the Gamification of Female Masturbation Remove Its Social Stigma? | GCo: “HappyPlayTime is a pet project by designer Tina Gong that seeks to rebrand the entire concept of female masturbation through education and light-hearted games. The game is a mobile app currently in development that will teach female anatomy and provide lessons on masturbation techniques through a number of minigames. At the heart of all this is HPT’s mascot: the pink, fleshy, and gleeful personification of a vagina.”
  • Trans and a Gamer Girl | ggvogue: ““What is it like for you being a Trans gamer?” The answer is pretty simple. It is just like being any other gamer. I get a little nervous before a big tournament; calm when I see old friends and make new ones. I am elated when I win matches and down when I lose close ones. The only difference? I probably think about gender a little more than you do.”
  • Google exec to girls: Tech needs you | CNN World Girl Rising: “Google executive Susan Wojcicki writes an open letter to girls of the world…”We simply can’t afford for the future of technology not to represent women,” she says.”
  • Supporting 477 women in open source through GitHub and Ada Initiative partnership | The Ada Initiative: “When the Ada Initiative partnered with GitHub to give away free private source code repositories to women learning open source software, we thought maybe a few dozen people would take us up on the offer. 6 weeks later, we’ve given away 477 free private repositories!”
  • [Trigger warning (harassment)] The Creepy Side Of E3 | Kotaku: “E3 is the busiest time to be working in the games industry or as a reporter covering the scene. It’s the biggest, most important event of the year. But with roughly 50,000 attendees, it’s also sometimes the creepiest.”
  • [Trigger Warning] Winners can’t be victims, or victims can’t be winners? | The Hand Mirror: “There has been a lot of discussion on gaming and feminist sites around the rape joke at Microsoft’s E3 Reveal. I have a few points I want to make.”

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3 thoughts on “Desperate teenage linkspams (21 June 2013)

  1. Amanda Stevens

    Thanks for linking to my article “Trans and a Gamer Girl!” However, in the future, a link heads up would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. d2k

    Why isn’t there a Wonder Woman movie?

    “As I became increasingly frustrated with Wonder Woman’s absence, I figured I could just get mad about it, or, I could try and do something about it. Taking my cue from Wonder Woman, I chose the course of action, and the result is a 60 page report…. [that] chronicles the history of Wonder Woman, her appearances in other media, and most importantly, examines the many factors that have kept her from joining the likes of Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man on screen.

    Alyssa Rosenberg in Think Progress: ‘Man Of Steel’ And How Superheroes’ Girlfriends Burned Me Out On Love Stories: “If superheroes are supposed to be possessed of tremendous will, couldn’t they take care of some of the self-actualization their own selves?”

  3. MadGastronomer

    Augh augh augh augh augh, E3.

    I love that the organizers are quoted as saying that they received no reports from security of any sexual harassment. Yeah, cause women are going to feel so safe reporting it to the security guards when guards themselves are groping women. (Indeed, especially when it’s so well known how bad E3 can get, how many women would report it even without that? It’s hard enough to report it at a friendlier con, knowing how often reports are blown off and how much flak women get for doing so.) And why was the incident with that security guard not reported to the organizers? I know that was private security for the booth and not con security, but the organizers should have been told.

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