GF classifieds: become a linkspammer for this very blog!

Hi everyone,

For more than a year linkspam have been emerging from our anonymous Lead Linkspamming team like clockwork. But they’re variously tiring or taking on new responsibilities, so it’s time to refresh the roster. We’d love to bring a few more lead linkspammers on board.

If you’re interested, read on.

Lead Linkspammer

A Lead Linkspammer:

  • participates in scheduling the Lead Linkspammers to put up posts
  • gathers together links submitted by readers (and optionally links you found yourself)
  • recruits replacement Lead Linkspammers when needed

A Lead Linkspammer needs:

  • to identify as a geek feminist or a geek feminist ally, and to generally like this blog
  • ability to at least skim through links and summarise their content in a sentence or two, and warn for common triggers
  • familiarity with the WordPress posting interface (you don’t need to have adminned a WordPress blog, we mean having posted to one and being able to explain how you did it to other people), including tagging, and willingness to help the Linkspammers out with their early spams
  • familiarity with simple HTML: lists, links and emphasis markup (the strong and em tags)
  • some editorial judgement: being able to decide if a link is worth sharing or not, and to select 6-10 links for the spam
  • willingness to create and maintain schedules, including keeping an eye out for additional Linkspammers when need be, and ability to just make a decision about who is doing what if the team gets too “no, you take Tuesdays!” “no no, I can tell you want Tuesdays, you do Tuesdays!”
  • willingness to gently remind other Lead Linkspammers of their upcoming spams
  • ability to keep an eye on all the linkspams, just so that yours has new links in it
  • ability to put up with occasional public criticism, and apologise if you agree you made a mistake: sometimes our readers criticise linkspams, although not very often, and unless they violate the comments policy we will generally let the criticisms remain publicly visible.

We’d like it if the Lead Linkspammer(s) could commit to at least six months as a Lead, and can give at least a couple of weeks notice if they need to move on, so that their replacement can be found and work handed over.

The initial time commitment may come to a few hours a week while you get set up, but ongoing it’s probably one hour or less per week on top of compiling any linkspam posts you commit to in your schedule. Compiling posts can take about 1-3 hours depending on how thoroughly you like to read the links. Shifts are once/week for a two month block.

How to join us

Let us know in comments (not shown) if you’re interested in helping out as a Lead Linkspammer: make sure to leave an email address.

We don’t need a whole resume, but a sentence about your previous involvement in geek feminism would be good, eg “I’ve been commenting here for months” or “I write about geek feminism stuff sometimes on my blog” or etc.

Please note: we cannot pay Linkspammers (or any other contributor), you will be working as an unpaid volunteer.

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