What’s the worst shirt design you’ve seen for little girls?

First off, here’s yet another t-shirt design that’ll have geek feminists groaning: a shirt for little girls that include a list of skills with shopping, music and dancing checked off, but not math. “Well,” the text says, “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Here’s the image:

T-shirt for girls with the following text:  My Best Subjects: [x] Shopping [x] Music [x] Dancing [ ] Math (Well, Nobody's Perfect)

T-shirt for girls with the following text:
My Best Subjects:
[x] Shopping
[x] Music
[x] Dancing
[ ] Math
(Well, Nobody’s Perfect)

I’ve seen a lot of girls-don’t-do-math themed shirts over the years. (Since I’m an adult woman with a degree in mathematics, people sometimes send me links. I guess I seem like a person with not enough annoyance in her life?) I posted about a “too pretty to do math” shirt here, some years ago:

I'm too pretty to do math (t-shirt)

I’m too pretty to do math (t-shirt)

But I’m sure I haven’t seen them all. So, let’s hear it, dear readers: what’s the worst t-shirt design you’ve seen aimed at little girls?

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4 thoughts on “What’s the worst shirt design you’ve seen for little girls?

  1. Margaret Synnott

    My niece had a T-shirt when she was ten that read “my boyfriend is out of town”. Bought by her grandmother.

  2. Daniel Martin

    It isn’t really for little girls per se, but the joke on this shirt at the very least assumes the wearer is underage.

    The prices on this shirt at zazzle.com fortunately suggest that it isn’t a serious commercial venture. Also, though the subject matter is beginning algebra, is only offered in adult sizes.

    The same place selling that “best subjects” shirt also sells (sold?) one that reads “born to wear diamonds”.

    A few years ago I remember a story about a shirt that said something like “I’m to pretty to do homework so my brother does it for me”. And I missed it at the time, but apparently at some point Forever 21 sold an “Allergic to Algebra” shirt.

    1. Daniel Martin

      And how could I forget about the many “future trophy wife” onesie designs out there? (Just drop that phrase into any search engine)

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