The Velveteen Linkspam (13 Aug 2013)

  • “If I Can’t Have a Hugo Fan Award, Then No One Can!”: “This campaign to dismantle the Hugo Fan Awards lest they fall into enemy fans is not just toxic, selfish and reprehensible, it is an attempt to slam the doors of fandom shut in the face of yet another generation of passionate and devoted fans.”
  • Snarky comebacks for sexists in academia: Captain Awkward takes apart “you’re only here because of affirmative action”.
  • Sexual Harassment Conversations, in Comic Form: Jim C. Hines hits the nail on the head with the responses women receive when reporting (or not reporting) sexual harassment [Warning: the comments contain exactly the apologia the comic is mocking]
  • My experience with game industry hiring: “The final answer was that culture matters most and I didn’t fit into their culture. What would that culture be, if not being a gamer, technically-inclined, and caring about their company’s products or audience. Looking around the room, it seemed that fitting into that Kulture they were talking about would mean being white and male.”
  • Why Are Female Developers Offered Such Low Salaries?: A company which allows bidding on tech employees by potential employers finds that women generally receive lower bids than men.
  • Sorry, Mario Bros!: … but Princess Toadstool can rescue herself. “The game spans three of Super Mario Bros’ original levels, this time from right to left, as the Princess jumps, stomps, floats, and warps her way from the dark castle dungeon up to the bright and wonderful Mushroom Kingdom, proving that female protagonists can be just as awesome as male protagonists.”
  • Debunking the ‘gender brain’ myth: ” ‘In the majority of cases, the differences between the sexes are either non-existent or they are so small so as to be of no practical importance in, for example, an educational setting’ “
  • On The Border: An Interview with Heather Logos: The Border House interviews Heather Logos, who has worked in the games industry as a contractor, an academic and a game designer at Telltale Games.
  • The Banal, Insidious Sexism of Smurfette: “Today, a blockbuster children’s movie can invoke 50-year-old gender stereotypes with little fear of a powerful feminist backlash.”

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3 thoughts on “The Velveteen Linkspam (13 Aug 2013)

  1. Sheila

    Cordelia Fine from the debunking link has an excellent book that critically examins the research in gender differences. Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference.

    1. Weiss

      I love that book! I’m tempted to buy dozens of copies and leave them lying around for the edification of the public.

  2. tekanji

    This needs a signal boost: Feminism: The Day The CEO of Storify Sent My Name To A Stalker by Ana Mardoll.

    There will be more on this later, but as if I didn’t have enough stress, in a Twitter conversation that I was having on the general lack of an anti-stalking provision in the Storify TOS, the CEO of Storify used the Twitter “@[name]” feature to send my name — as well as the names of everyone else in the conversation expressing concern about about stalking-via-Storify — directly into the mentions of a known stalker who they claimed to have “warned” but refuse to actually ban from using their service.

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