Open thread: Lego prosthetic leg

Hello again! Welcome to another open thread for comments on any subject fitting our policy!

Feature item for this open thread is Video: My Legoleg – amputee prosthetic leg made with Lego bricks by occupational therapist Christina Stephens.

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About open threads: open threads are for comments on any subject at all, including past posts, things we haven’t posted on, what you’ve been thinking or doing, etc as long as it follows our comment policy. We’re always looking for fluffy, fun, silly, cute or beautiful open thread starters, please post links to Pinboard with the “gffun” tag.

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Mary is a women in tech activist, a programmer, a writer, and a sometime computational linguist. She writes at Her previous projects include co-founding the Ada Initiative and major contributions to the Geek Feminism blog. She's @me_gardiner on Twitter.

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  1. Daniel Martin

    Any women who had been thinking of attending the upcoming European conferences JSConf, EuroBSDCon, Flossie or Velocity can apply for conference travel grants from Google – the application deadline for grants to help fund travel to JSConf is Sunday. (application form at that link)

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