Nightmare on Linkspam Street (23 Aug 2013)

  • This Is Not Accountability; This Is Not Feminism | shakesville: “I’m not going to apologize for acknowledging the reality of my world. It is not a “small but vocal group” who undermine my trust. It is virtually every man with whom I interact, including the national council members of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism. And the men I do trust? They understand that. And they don’t require evidence of my trust as collateral for making themselves trustworthy in the first place.”
  • “Trolls,” Online Civility and Political Agendas | fannie’s room: ” … for all their talk of free speech values and inclusion, Anything Goes forums are their own hivemind, and they’re a hivemind of intimidation, threats, and exclusion. The cultivation of Internet civility is difficult, taking much thought and actual resources.”
  • The Skyler White problem: can we accept complex female characters? | feministing: “Fiction has a unique power to communicate alternative world views – I first learned feminism from Buffy while I was still in a Christian fundamenalist church. But we still consume stories in a patriarchal context that shapes how we think about gendered people, real or made up. I’m sick of kung-fu moves counting as characterization for fictional women, too. I want more.”
  • Why Are You Hitting Yourself? An intro to System Justification Theory | FreethoughtBlogs:”power imbalances are perpetuated with the permission and participation of those on the lower end of the divide, with those at the top favouring themselves, and those at the bottom agreeing. The psychological mechanism of this action is explained […] according to three competing psychological motives: ego motive, group motive, and system justification.”
  • How two young journalists are highlighting longform journalism written by women | Poynter: “The Riveter is an important project because women’s voices are important. They have to be represented in the important genre that is longform. Both of us are recent graduates of the Missouri School of Journalism, and over the last few months we’ve both wondered, “Where are the spaces for us to exist after graduation?” Because of our magazine writing education, we wondered, and still wonder, where women writers can go to write longform journalism pieces and narratives that aren’t restricted to beauty, fashion, dating, etc. There’s more to women’s experiences as individuals, as writers, and as a collective than those narrow categories allow. We knew our classmates and colleagues felt similarly. As we looked around in our journalism classes and talked to our friends, it seemed that for every one man, there were 10 women. And we were two of them.”
  • The Mako Mori Test: ‘Pacific Rim’ inspires a Bechdel Test alternative | The Daily Dot: “the Bechdel Test has become almost a household phrase, common shorthand to capture whether a film is woman-friendly. But despite how well-known the Bechdel Test is, the vast majority of Hollywood films still utterly fail to “pass Bechdel.”  Even though the test is alarmingly simple, most Hollywood films don’t even come close—and in fact, screenwriters are actively taught not to write films that pass the test.”
  • A queer, feminist agenda for libraries: Significance, relevance and power | Feral Librarian: “libraries also exert tremendous control over how books and other scholarly items are organized and therefore how, when, and by whom they are discoverable. As an example, librarians determine the primary subject classification of a book, which in turn determines the book’s call number and physical placement in the library stacks. Hierarchical classification schemas marginalize certain kinds of knowledge and certain topics by creating separate sub-classifications for topics such as “women and computers” or “black literature”.”

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2 thoughts on “Nightmare on Linkspam Street (23 Aug 2013)

  1. Fannie

    Hey, thinks for linking to my article! I read these linkspams all the time and was pleasantly surprised to see it :-)

  2. MadGastronomer

    Holy crap, the article on the Mako Mori test is bad. I like the test, although it’s far more subjective than the Bechdel, but that article is terrible. It directly quotes the person who proposed the MM test, and still describes the MM as being an “alternative” to the Bechdel, and then still describes Avengers as a feminist movie because it supposedly passes the MM, even though the proposer specifically says that passing the MM doesn’t make something feminist. And of course the Bechdel doesn’t determine whether or not a film is feminist EITHER. Yeesh.

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