The Lion, The Witch and the Linkspam (20 Sep 2013)

  • Algorithms, Spreadsheets, and Gender Equity in Rwanda: Partners in Health brings tech training seminars to girls in Rwanda. “There are many challenges for women in science and technology. Some girls just think they can’t make it or that the technology world is only meant for men.”
  • Haecksen 2014 – Call For Proposals: Join other women working in open source and present at Haeksen! Proposals due November 1, 2013.
  • The nerd factor blamed for drop in IT hopefuls | One possible explanation for the continuing drop in school IT subject enrollments. Does it really boil down to an image problem?
  • My Meeting With Pax: “He offered up a pretty boringly conventional defense of male privilege, and when I described the role of actual satire and comedy in punching up instead of punching down, he revealed that he sees attacking feminists and equality activists as punching up.”
  • Sexist trolls make space candidate Roshini more determined to succeed (and may have accidentally contributed to her success): Aspiring astronaut Roshini Muniam was targeted by sexist comments online. Her response: “The mean sexists comments did make me angry, but I prefer to keep calm and stay cool. The supportive comments I received made me realise I was not alone in my quest to reduce the gender gap. That made me feel more motivated to persevere.” Now, despite the trolls, Roshini has been selected as the Malaysian finalist (and the only female one) for the Axe Apollo Space Academy contest, giving her a chance to be the first Malaysian woman in space.
  • The Tech Industry’s Sexism Problem is (Surprise!) Still a Problem: Titstare and Pax Dickinson are two examples of recent controversies that demonstrate that sexism is still a massive issue in tech (just in case you needed a reminder).
  • Male Feminists: A Spotter’s Guide: “H. sapiens mansplainam has evolved several forms of camouflage designed to help him blend in against a backdrop of actual feminists, but the cunning and discerning scholar of natural history may, with careful study, identify him among the morass.”

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2 thoughts on “The Lion, The Witch and the Linkspam (20 Sep 2013)

  1. CraftyLuna

    Hi! So, disclaimer: I am involved in this project, but we don’t make any money for doing this, we are all volunteers!

    I work on staff at DragonCon and I’m also part of DragonConTV. Our music video for this year’s convention has a part addressing the idea of the “fake geek girl.” It’s “Comic Book Shop” a parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop.

    It’s gotten over 40,000 hits so far which is amazing for us since usually getting 1,000 hits is a huge deal. Please check it out! Like I said, we don’t get paid, we’re just a bunch of geeks who do this for fun. Thanks!

  2. Meg

    I wish people would stop belittling it as “an image problem”. In order to study IT, you have to interact with all the people who believe they fit that image. In order to work in IT, you have to work with people who work hard to fit that image. Image problems become behavior problems. It is no small thing to have to put up with coders behaving badly.

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