Bonus Catch-up Linkspam (16 October 2013)

We were experiencing some technical difficulties here at Linkspam headquarters and a number of fantastic links have fallen through the cracks. Here are a few of them, but you may also want to peruse the comments of past linkspams as well as the geekfemism tag on pinboard.

  • Why we need a feminist hackerspace | yarnivore: “So this happened: We had an open house for our feminist hackerspace, and this dude showed up (along with a woman who’d been to AdaCamp) and told a story about a guy jerking off and eating his jizz and wondering whether that made him gay.”
  • Her gender is not divisive; transmisogyny is. | Her name is Chelsea: “The fact that Chelsea Manning is trans matters, and it matters for one simple reason. She’s not just a symbol; she is a person. It matters when she is subjected to humiliation and torture based on her trans identity. It matters when supporters treat being gay and being trans as interchangeable. It matters when the press spends enough time talking about “gender identity disorder” to distract from the substance of Chelsea’s action, and when the organizations that claim to support her allow that to happen. It matters when lawyers decide to use trans identity as a defense, despite how it may destroy the credibility of other trans individuals in various walks of life. And finally, it matters because when all of these issues are swept under the rug, it reveals the prevalence of the unchecked cissexism that is so deeply intertwined with everything that has happened.”
  • Queered science: open thread on gender bias | Autostraddle: “What strategies do you or people you know (or could you, or could others) employ to combat gender bias or any other kind of latent discrimination?”
  • Queered science: eradicating misogyny in the scientific community | Autostraddle: “Queered Science is a series of profiles meant to highlight queer scientists and tell you all about them, for your intellectual edification and so you don’t feel excluded from a predominantly heterosexist subset of academia and industry.”
  • [CW: IRC harassment] Humanity or GTFO | Lindsey Kuper: “But here’s the thing: every time I point out something like this in a community I’m part of, whether it’s the Rust community or any other, there’s a part of me that insists on first checking to see how much social capital I have to spend there. How high up am I on the contributors list? Have I contributed to the next release yet? All right, I guess it’s okay for me to say something — as though it hurts the project to speak up about a community problem!”
  • The devil’s advocate | Shakesville: “Doctor Tinycat requested a piece on why it’s harmful to play Devil’s Advocate during social justice discussions, so here we go.”
  • This Is Why Trans People Rarely Speak Up When We’re Misgendered | Huffington Post: “I’m transgender, and on Sunday, Sept. 29, I found my name spreading across the gaming community for identifying the man who’d misgendered me.”

  • Marvel and Natalie Portman Announce Mentoring Program for Girls Interested in STEM Fields | The Mary Sue: “Marvel has announced the Ultimate Mentor Adventure, part mentor program, part contest, that gives American girls in grades 9-12 the resources to find and interview professional women in science, technology, engineering, and math, and then rewards them for doing it.”
  • Chix List: Important Social, Political and Autobiographical Comic Makin’ Ladies | Comix Chix: “This issue of Chix List focuses on five important graphic storytellers who have used their art and writing to tell social stories bigger than themselves and to tell very personal, intimate stories of their own personal struggles.”

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