The linkspam is a lie (18 October 2013)

  • California’s New Law Shows It’s Not Easy To Regulate Revenge Porn – Forbes
  • Were the First Artists Mostly Women?: “There has been a male bias in the literature for a long time,” said Snow, whose research was supported by the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration. “People have made a lot of unwarranted assumptions about who made these things, and why.
  • The Neurobiology of Thought: The Groundbreaking Discoveries of Patricia Goldman-Rakic 1937-2003: “Ten years following her death, we look back to see how she inspired an entire field, fundamentally changing our view of cognition and cognitive disorders.”
  • Amorphia Apparel’s Badass Women of Science t-shirts!: So, the shirt designs are great. The absence of women-cut shirts? Not so great. Many styles are on offer, including tank tops, hooded sweatshirts and women’s cut Ts. Some also have mugs.
  • But Men! | Robot Hugs: But men!
  • Rosalind Franklin vs. Watson & Crick: Science History Rap Battle: Witness an epic rap battle between Watson & Crick and the woman that probably should have gotten most of the credit for their work, as performed by 7th-graders from Oakland.
  • Science Blogging Scandal: Bora Zivkovic and Sexual Harassment: [TW: Harassment] “Before this week, the word I often heard people use to describe Zivkovic was mentor. And the mentor-mentee relationship is one of the most fraught of adulthood. We glibly advise people starting out in business to find a mentor, to identify a successful, established, generous person in your field and somehow get her to help you become her. This is terrible advice. It perpetuates old-boy networks, wastes time that early career people could spend actually doing their work, and tells them they are only as good as their contacts and charm. Young people, don’t look for a mentor. Listen to and learn from people who have more experience, but don’t hitch your wagon to their star. Just do your job well.”
  • Another Sexual Harassment Case in Science: The Deafening Silence That Surrounds It Condones It – Huffington Post: [TW: Harassment] “And this is what is so horrifying about the events of the past couple of days. They perfectly encapsulate why victims of sexual harassment – in any field – stay silent. Because even when they speak up, which takes enormous courage, and even when the man admits what he has done, his friends and colleagues either stay silent or defend him. Hell, even other women around him defend him.”
  • We’re All Equally Drenched – Lara Swanson: “Yes, I do love to talk about [diversity in technology] and how important it is that we solve it. But Justin perfectly summed up for me why I was so struck by it happening in this way. It’s not just battling weird comments like the one I deleted; it’s dealing with the other really messy parts of this issue that are harder to talk about or wrap our heads around.”
  • Susan Wojcicki: Getting Girls Into Science – BBC World Service Newshour: A panel on tech diversity that also includes Shanley Kane, Dr. Telle Whitney of the Anita Borg Institute, and Kristen Pownell.

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10 thoughts on “The linkspam is a lie (18 October 2013)

  1. regis

    The absence of women-cut shirts? Not so great.

    Huh? The t-shirt site appears to have a bunch of options for women-cut shirts. Scroll down and there’s the option for a given design on everything from men’s t-shirts to women’s sleeveless shirts to hoodies.

    1. notmyname

      Seconded. All the ones I looked at had women’s cuts, some even with women’s cut tank tops (longer cut, at that!). Any chance this could get updated in the linkspam too?

      I’d love to see more people running around in shirts like that, and I’d just trusted that this was accurate instead of checking myself (oops), which discouraged me from clicking through and actually considering buying one (or all) of them.

  2. Lisa Hirsch

    I hope you mean “rap” battle and not “rape” battle between Franklin and Watson/Crick, as performed by Oakland 7th graders.

  3. Ari Blenkhorn

    Rosalind Franklin vs Watson & Crick is a rap battle. RAP. One little letter, big difference.

  4. Jamie Norwood

    I know this is really late and probably a small quibble, but saying ‘the woman who should have gotten credit for their work’ seems a bit off. ‘The woman who’s work they got credit for? The woman who contributed at least as much with none of the renown? I dunno. But ‘should have gotten credit for their work’ makes it seem like, y’know, it’s their work and she’s the one trying to hone in on it. Maybe even THE work instead of THEIR work? Maybe I am just being irked by semantics tonight. But maybe not?

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