Happy linkspams are all alike: every unhappy linkspam is unhappy in its own way (25 October 2013)

  • Assessing my Personal Gender Bias on Twitter – Terence Eden’s Blog: ” “The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media have released a series of study about gender biases. One of the more interesting findings was that when the male:female ratio in a group is 70:30 – both genders think the group is at parity. This is due, in part, to popular entertainment sticking almost rigidly to these gender ratios.  I honestly believe that I follow a roughly equal number of men and women on Twitter. I certainly see a lot of women in my feed. But that’s just a feeling – what do the data say?”
  • Does Our Industry Have a Drinking Problem? – A List Apart: “Meeting up in pubs and attending conference parties will always be part of our industry, and an enjoyable part for many of us at one time or another. If the conference you attend is your only one that year, then having the chance to let your hair down with peers you rarely meet in person is not a bad thing at all. However, I’d like for drinking not to be what defines these events and those of us who attend them. We become more inclusive the less we look like only a certain type of person is part of ‘us.'”
  • Ada Lovelace Costume – Sewing to Distraction: A beautiful, hand-crafted Ada Lovelace costume!
  • Which Siobhan is it Anyway? – Siobhan McKeown: “Feel free to go back and read that again if you need to. In case you’re missing the problem – someone was looking for me, and the means for identifying me was not any of the things that I do, but my looks. And not just my looks (i.e. the red-headed one or the blonde one) but based on someone else’s opinion of whether they think I’m attractive or not.”
  • How Female Representation in Games Affects Women: “Women who play as over-sexualized female characters in games are more likely to objectify themselves and participate in rape myth acceptance, according to a recent Stanford study published Oct. 11 in Computers and Behavior.”
  • Laurie Penny vs. Cybersexism: “I did not expect my interview with Laurie Penny to make me to yell at my computer screen — just once — with this half-gasp of anger, relief and determination. I did not expect her new book — “Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet” — to hit so close. But it’s the story of many and possibly most of us who live in public and exist openly online.
  • “Yes, I Know What a Gigabyte Is” – Let’s Talk About Sexism in the Tech Industry – Autostraddle: “I asked my manager later why she had done that. She replied that the gentleman needed a lesson not to walk into an establishment and say such dumb stuff about women in technology to women working in technology. I couldn’t argue with that, but I am still not convinced that it made any difference. Nor am I convinced that it’s every woman’s job in the tech industry to prove that she has the right to be there. What that little stunt unequivocally did was waste my time.”
  • 9 Women Who Shaped Science Fiction – Buzzfeed

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4 thoughts on “Happy linkspams are all alike: every unhappy linkspam is unhappy in its own way (25 October 2013)

  1. paloma

    i read these linkspams all the time (i am subscribed on rss) and i love them. however, as an html nerd, i always wish the links would open in a new tab so people can keep referring back to them! just a thought.

    1. Tim Chevalier

      Is it possible for you to use a browser (like Firefox) that opens links in a new tab if you Control-click (or Command-click on Macs) them? It seems better to allow readers the choice than to force a new tab.

      1. paloma

        yes, i guess it makes sense to leave it up to the individual reader. i suppose everyone browses differently, thanks for the tip though.

  2. Daniel Martin

    Suggestion for a future linkspam: Why Google wants women: Vice President of Google[x] Megan Smith talks about the biases against women in engineering that she has personally overcome, and how companies like Google are combating the glass ceiling.

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