A young man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a linkspam (1 November 2013)

    • How The Grunch Stole C.S. | Ian Gent’s Blog: “Maybe there’s somebody like me age 17 going to see that video and get the grunch. Get the hit in solar plexus that says Computer Science is not for people like them. If they don’t do Computer Science at Birmingham, that’s not my loss. But if they don’t do Computer Science at all, that’s a loss for me. There’s somebody been marginalised out of the discipline I love, which is horrible, and somebody who might have been brilliant (or at least like me good enough to be a Professor) doesn’t make the contributions to C.S. that they could have made.”
    • Hacker News is a social echo chamber | Matthew Garrett: “Flamewars don’t solve problems, but without them we’d be entirely unaware of how much of a victim blaming mentality exists amongst our peers.”
    • Learn to Search: “In 2012, only 7% of men organizing tech conferences had the search skills to book male and female speakers in equal number.”
    • Women Techies Build a Room of Their Own | Mission Local: “By the end of the year, creative women will have a place in the Mission District where they can comfortably code, collaborate, do carpentry – or anything else they’re passionate about – without scrutiny.”
    • Women, Work and the ‘Girl Scout Tax’ | At Work – WSJ: “The bottom line: We do our daughters (and sons) no favors when we support the belief that “women are happy to help.””
    • Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In | The Feminist Wire: “Below, bell hooks reminds readers why we should be skeptical of this sort of faux feminism— one that does little to re-imagine the world or to build collective movements, but instead works to recreate the same old white heteropatriarchy that defines American Empire. Rather than leaning in, we need to step out. We must critically question, talk across spaces of perceived difference, and build alternatives.”
    • Meritocracy is Almost as Real as this Unicorn | Tara Hunt: “In three separate and controlled studies with 445 participants (pre-screened to have deep managerial experience), they found that time and time again, the participants rewarded male employees significantly higher than their female colleagues (in the same job, with the same supervisor, with the same performance evaluations). “
    • An interview with a conference organiser | techiturn: How it goes.

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