Bugrit! Millennium hand and Linkspam (5 November 2013)

  • It’s a Man’s Phone: “As a woman, I’ve slowly been written out of the phone world and the phone market. That extra “.2″ inches of screen size on each upgrade simply means that I can no longer do what I enviously observe men do every day.”
  • We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It: “Average girls in high school will seriously consider a career in technology because it’s exciting, lucrative, and intellectually stimulating. Half of our society cannot be held back from this inevitable progression. The status quo is simply unsustainable.”
  • [Trigger warning for threats, violence, sexual assault] Women and the Internet: Part One: “Trying to make technology do the job of people always ends in tears. The misogyny doesn’t come from the internet, it comes from contemporary culture. It won’t be fixed by the internet, and it won’t be fixed by women. It has to be fixed by men.”
  • Practices need to adapt to a changing world: “If the current generation of architectural directors can’t make that happen, the next will. I’m part of a growing group of architects (mostly female, but not all) who aren’t content to see our careers die because we’ve had kids and want to spend time with them. If existing practices can’t accommodate those ambitions we will find a way to fulfil them ourselves.”
  • To Flatten A Heroine: Sick of the single mold of Disney heroines, an artist takes real-life female role models and filters them through the “Disney princess assembly line” as satire.
  • Signal Gathering: An evening of talks with Ashe Dryden and Friends: A gathering of geek women.
  • When It Comes to “Having It All,” Men Want More: Significantly more men than women participating in a recent survey see “a loving marriage” as part of “having it all”. But this may be less a gender reversal than simply a reflection of men expecting to be able to have it all.
  • I Am Woman, Watch Me Hack: “This so-called “CSI” effect has been credited for helping turn forensic science from a primarily male occupation into a primarily female one. There is, of course, no pop-culture corollary for computer science.”

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