I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Linkspam (29 November 2013)

How to Rebrand Feminism and Get Women Fired in the Process | Red Light Politics – “When a campaign to ‘rebrand feminism’ is constructed in a way that can potentially hurt the most vulnerable among us, I have to ask the obvious, who needs this rebranding and who is supposed to benefit from it?”

The Problem With ‘Brogrammers’ | In These Times – “In These Times talked about the ways that racism, sexism and classism are coded in the tech sector with Kat Calvin, founder of Blerdology, a network for African Americans in tech; Ashe Dryden, a tech diversity educator and consultant; Kate Losse, author of The Boy Kings, a memoir about working at Facebook; and Telle Whitney, president and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology.”

Silicon Chasm | The Weekly Standard – “The extreme economic and social inequality that characterizes Silicon Valley is not exactly the way it was supposed to be.”

Open Source Interns Outperform Industry Heavyweights in Linux Kernel Contributions | 01.ORG – “The seven interns with the Outreach Program for Women (OPW) working on the Linux kernel as part of development projects at Intel and other companies had 230 changesets accepted upstream into the latest kernel revision. Of the 200 companies that contributed to kernel release 3.11, the OPW interns contributed the eleventh highest amount, ahead of companies such as Google, Oracle, ARM, and Cisco.”

Different Internets: How Online Sexism and Misogyny Impact Women in Tech – “It seems likely that women are actually LESS represented in the online tech community than in the workforce, and that their ability to access and benefit from the professional network represented by these spaces is severely restricted.”

Silicon Valley Isn’t a Meritocracy. And It’s Dangerous to Hero-Worship Entrepreneurs | Wired – “The myths of authenticity, meritocracy, and entrepreneurialism do have some basis in fact. But they are powerful because they reinforce ideals of the tech scene that shore up its power structures and privileges. Believing that the tech scene is a meritocracy implies that those who obtain great wealth deserve it, and that those who don’t succeed do not. The undue emphasis placed on entrepreneurship, combined with a limited view of who “counts” as an entrepreneur, function to exclude entire categories of people from ascending to the upper echelon of the industry. And the ideal of authenticity privileges a particular type of self-presentation that encourages people to strategically apply business logics to the way they see themselves and others.”

White Hot Rage | The American Prospect – “But Kimmel’s explanation for the men’s rights movement—a bit of economic disenfranchisement here, a bit of unfair divorce law there, mixed with the disinhibiting effects of the Internet—is cobbled together and unconvincing. Ironically, he’s got a pretty good explanation of the men’s rights movement hiding in his insightful and disturbing chapter on domestic abusers.”

GoldieBlox and Three Feminism Follow-up Points | Shakesville – “The answer to how to get more women in STEM isn’t to make more women interested via Cool Toys, but to make the atmosphere in STEM fields more welcoming to the women who are interested. And that means, among other things, targeting men to fix things, not little girls.”

Rebooting the Ada Lovelace Mythos | The Ada Initiative – “In the end, all the popular versions of the Ada Lovelace mythos – world’s first computer programmer, Lord Byron’s daughter, delusional mentally ill gambler – are incomplete and often perpetuate harmful stereotypes about women in STEM. The talk ends with some proposals for new, more complex stories we could tell about Ada Lovelace, as a brilliant and flawed human being with variety of interests, who happened to see farther into the future of computing than anyone else for the next hundred years.”

#libtechgender – a Post in Two Parts | ACRL Tech Connect Blog – “On October 28th Sarah Houghton, the director of the San Rafael Public Library, moderated a panel on gender in library technology at the Internet Librarian conference. In today’s post I’d like to share my small contributions to the panel discussion that day and also to share how my understanding of the issues changed after the discussion there. It is my hope that more conversations—more talking and more listening—about gender issue in library technology will be sparked from this start.”

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