The man who mistook his wife for a linkspam (3 January 2013)

  • Bechdel Test 2013 Infographic | The Mary Sue: “This is merely correlation between having movies make sure that their female characters, even the secondary ones, are shown to have thoughts and feelings that revolve around something other than male characters. What’s much more likely to be the causation, though, is that effective writing means you get good female characters, and effective writing produces successful movies.”
  • Game On Ladies | A guy logs into his wife’s Mass Effect account and is shocked, truly shocked, at the gendered abuse that gets slung his way.
  • 10(-ish) People Who Kicked Ass in 2013 | Skepchick: Female scientists top the list of influential women.
  • Gone in 2013: A Tribute to 10 Remarkable Women in Science | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network: Pioneering scientists and engineers are often overlooked in popular retrospectives commemorating the year’s departed. In particular, women in such fields tend to be given short shrift. To counter this regrettable circumstance, I present here a selection of 10 notable women in science who left us in 2013. Each of these individuals contributed greatly to her field and should be remembered for her exceptional accomplishments.
  • Trying to get paid to work on diversity in tech? Read this | Valerie Aurora: “Getting paid to do diversity in tech work as your day job is really fucking hard. Think carefully about your funding model from a systems point of view: What are the incentives? Who benefits? What are the trade-offs? Then go out and make it happen.”
  • The Paradox of Meritocracy in Organizations: “The main finding is consistent across the three studies: when an organization is explicitly presented as meritocratic, individuals in managerial positions favor a male employee over an equally qualified female employee by awarding him a larger monetary reward. This finding demonstrates that the pursuit of meritocracy at the workplace may be more difficult than it first appears and that there may be unrecognized risks behind certain organizational efforts used to reward merit.”
  • On Technical Entitlement | Tales from the Front: “You know the type. The one who was soldering when she was 6. The one who raises his hand to answer every question—and occasionally tries to correct the professor. The one who scoffs at anyone who had a score below the median on that data structures exam (“idiots!”). The one who introduces himself by sharing his StackOverflow score.”

An umbrella of additional responses to Paul Graham’s comments about female hackers:

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