Shut Up And Take My Linkspam (21 January 2014)


4 thoughts on “Shut Up And Take My Linkspam (21 January 2014)

  1. Ellen Spertus, a non-profit advocating computer science education for all children, is offering U.S. public school teachers a $750 credit for classroom supplies if they teach the provided 20-hour curriculum to at least 15 students, with a bonus of $250 if at least 7 of the students are female.

    Note: I helped develop the 20-hour curriculum. The team was gender balanced, and everyone was conscious of creating materials that were gender-neutral or geared to girls.

  2. Kyt Dotson

    I often read the Linkspam but I have not really commented ever before. The linkspam about the gender-imbalance in the Bitcoin community was a very good read. I have been tasked with covering Bitcoin-related news for my job and I have to agree that something really does need to give. As a community, it would be to the tremendous benefit of bitcoin technology and culture to encourage more women to join in; and the lack of that encouragement (to say near-hostility in places) does not bode well.

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