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GF classifieds (March and April 2014)

This is another round of Geek feminism classifieds. If you’re looking to hire women, find some people to participate in your study, find female speakers, or just want some like-minded folk to join your open source project, this is the thread for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Geeky subjects only. We take a wide view of geekdom, but if your thing isn’t related to an obviously geeky topic, you’ll probably want to give a bit of background on why the readers of Geek Feminism would be interested.
  2. Explain what your project/event/thing is, or link to a webpage that provides clear, informative information about it. Ideally you’ll also explain why geek women might find it particularly awesome.
  3. Explain what you’re looking for. Even if it’s not a job ad, think of it like one: what is the activity/role in question, and what would it involve? What is the profile of people you’re looking for?
  4. GF has international readership, so please be sure to indicate the location if you’re advertising a job position, conference, or other thing where the location matters. Remember that city acronyms aren’t always known world-wide and lots of cities share names, so be as clear as possible! (That is, don’t say “SF[O]” or “NYC” or “Melb”, say “San Francisco, USA”, “New York City, USA” or “Melbourne, Australia”.) And if you can provide travel/relocation assistance, we’d love to know about it.
  5. Keep it legal. Most jurisdictions do not allow you to (eg.) advertise jobs for only people of a given gender. So don’t do that. If you are advertising for something that falls into this category, think of this as an opportunity to boost the signal to women who might be interested.
  6. If you’re asking for participants in a study, please note Mary’s helpful guide to soliciting research participation on the ‘net, especially the “bare minimum” section.
  7. Provide a way for people to contact you, such as your email address or a link to apply in the case of job advertisements. (The email addresses entered in the comment form here are not public, so readers won’t see them.)
  8. Keep an eye on comments here, in case people ask for clarification or more details. (You can subscribe to comments via email or RSS.)

If you’d like some more background/tips on how to reach out to women for your project/event/whatever, take a look at Recruiting women on the Geek Feminism Wiki.)

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “GF classifieds (March and April 2014)

  1. Tiffany

    Hop Bombshells Homebrew Club: Our mission is to empower women to brew while increasing knowledge and skill of making beer with a bunch of kick ass women of the Salt Lake Valley, Utah. We are a ladies-only homebrew club that gets together once a month to learn about techniques and science of brewing. We also get together quarterly to brew at someone’s house. Visit or our Facebook page

  2. Matthew Sachs

    The Cloud Security team at Google’s Kirkland, WA, US office has multiple openings for engineers with a security background, or general programmers with a strong security interest. We do a wide variety of work with Compute Engine and the rest of Google’s Cloud Platform: security consulting for feature launches, kernel and virtualization infrastructure hardening, monitoring, and more. I’m an engineer on that team, and am happy to answer questions and pass along qualified resumes; feel free to email msachs at google.

    Many non-security-specific teams in that office and the Seattle one are hiring programmers as well.!t=jo&jid=34154 is the link to apply for those. And, of course, will tell you all about numerous openings worldwide.

  3. vlad43210

    Morningside Analytics looking for Intern in Boston this Summer
    Morningside Analytics is a rapidly growing startup that uses network analysis methods to identify communities of interest in a wide variety of social media spaces: in the US and around the world, on Twitter, in Facebook and in web forums just to name a few. Our scientists can identify coherent “clusters” of people united by shared interest in a band, a car, or a cause; track the interests of a cluster over time; and analyze the path of viral messages at the intra- and inter-cluster levels. We are looking for a bright and highly motivated intern to join our Boston team this summer, working our core analytics platform!

    This internship will be part product-oriented (developing and scaling Morningside core analytics) and part research-oriented (identifying and pursuing an exciting research topic in social network analysis within the scope of Morningside’s work). We aim for one of the internship’s outcomes to be a research project that can be published in a major social science journal or computer science conference. Our intern will have access to Morningside’s unique collection of social media data, powerful network segmentation and analysis algorithms, and scalable hardware infrastructure for running data analysis and modeling jobs.

    Intern will be compensated commensurate with education and work experience. Interested students can contact Vlad Barash, at

  4. Employee

    Prevoty ( is currently aggressively hiring for an operations engineer and a developer position. We are a Go shop ( and experience working with the EC2 Amazon Web Services environment is a major plus. The company is located in Brentwood California (Los Angeles) and is currently only accepting applicants for on premises full time employment.

    The team is very smart, very motivated, very fun, and we were recently named on of the top 10 security startups of 2014 in CIO magazine. Also our health benefits are quite nice!

    Inquire at

  5. jonpincus

    TapestryMaker is an open-source, inclusive, easily-customizable, privacy-friendly federated social network platform. It’s still at a very early stage, and we’re looking for people who will help shape the culture as well as the technology.

    Ideally, you’ve got experience in (or are interest in learning about) design, accessibility, user experience, QA, tech pubs, product management, IT, diversity, security, privacy, forum/blog/journal moderation, marketing, crowd-sourced funding, and software engineering. For the developers out there, the code is currently in Javascript; expertise in node.js would be especially welcome, but it’s fairly easy to pick up if your background is in other languages.

    And for those who say “sounds great but I don’t have a lot of time”, that’s fine — if you’re interested, we’ll work on finding a way you can get involved with whatever time you *do* have.

    > Ideally you’ll also explain why geek women might find it particularly awesome.

    Geek women who are sick of feeling like they’re the product, tracked and force-fed ads, might find it awesome to help create an alternative.

    Geek women who are interested in privacy might find it awesome that the project has adopted the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights, which includes a right to pseudonymity.

    Geek womanists and geek feminists might find it particularly awesome that we’re thinking about diversity in an intersectional way from the beginning, and considering both technology and the social aspects, and that the project is influenced by earlier discussions here like Facebook is a feminist issue and The revolution will not be tweeted?.

    So if you do in fact find it awesome (or at least interesting!), please get in touch —

  6. Tim Chevalier

    A friend of mine teaches math for the Academic Talent Development Program, a summer program in Berkeley for high school students, and he says they need at least one more computer science instructor for this summer. You would be teaching the “programming in Java” class — here’s a course description. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him! The computer science program is apparently going to be at a 50-50 gender ratio (students) this summer, which is a huge leap from last year, so they must be doing something right.

    Feel free to contact either me (so I can put you in touch with my friend) or the program directly if you’re interested.

  7. A.Y. Siu (@therealaysiu)

    Carney, Sandoe & Associates is an educational recruitment firm in Boston, MA, looking for an Associate Director of Tech—skill set is very general (knowledge of Windows, Mac, and Linux all helpful). Mainly problem-solving and good customer service. If anyone’s interested, here’s the official job posting:

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