PyCon Open Thread

Were you at PyCon? Did you stop by the Geek Feminism Hackerspace? What did you think of the talks? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “PyCon Open Thread

  1. ashedryden

    I absolutely loved having the GF space (thanks to Liz + Annalee for organizing it!). It was so great to have a space where I knew I could relax and let down my guard; I could be social in a space without worrying what people thought of my feminism.

    On Pycon itself – I had a great time. As someone who attends up to two conferences a week, it really set a higher bar. This was my first Pycon and won’t be my last. I loved the talks – many of which I couldn’t imagine seeing at any other conference.

    1. Annalee Post author

      It was great to meet you in person! As for organizing, all credit goes to Liz–and to PyCon themselves. They reached out to us after Liz posted a meetup and offered us a space for the whole weekend, because they’re just nice that way. Like you, I really appreciated having a space to go chill where I knew my feminism was welcome.

      This was my first PyCon, too, and I’m really hoping it’s not my last. I had a fantastic time.

  2. Veronika

    Hi Geek Feminism team,
    I’m a grad student at York University in Toronto doing research on feminist resistances to online harassment, violence and hate speech. I wonder if any of Geek Feminism contributors are interested in being interviewed for my doctoral project. An interview takes approximately 30-40 minutes via Skype or telephone.
    If this sounds interesting, I will be happy to provide more details.

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