The social lot of women might be treated with scientific linkspam (29 April 2014)

This linkspam is sadly a special edition; it’s all “terrible week in tech” links. We know there’s more to geekdom, look out for less-tech-still-geek linkspam tomorrow.

It seems more than justified to conclude with the opening of Model View Culture‘s Abuse issue (coming out over the next few days):

  • Abuse as DDoS | Julie Pagano: “DDoS attacks are abuse of computer systems until they slow down, stop working, and often eventually fail. Abuse of human beings has a similar impact. People dealing with abuse stop being their best, stop working, and eventually fail.”

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6 thoughts on “The social lot of women might be treated with scientific linkspam (29 April 2014)

  1. Niktike

    Hey, I’m not sure what the usual format is for suggesting a link for the linkspam, but this kickstarter sounds really awesome and also very relevant. Sorry if this isn’t how things are done.

    1. Anonymouse

      I have to say that I am a bit leery of the fact that the dev team is a bunch of dudes. If you’re making a game specifically geared towards girls, then I think you need to make sure that you have AT LEAST one woman on your team.

  2. Niktike

    Okay, well it’s an indie game made to teach the concepts of coding, geared towards girls ages 9 to 14 in particular. The tagline is “when everyone is making tech, the tech they make will be for everyone.”

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