What’s linkspam got to do with it? (2 May 2014)

  • The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User, by Betsy Haibel | Model View Culture: “Whether these dystopic nightmares come upon us or not, the current situation – in which users’ consent is routinely violated, and in which these violations of consent are normalized into invisibility – is not acceptable in an ethical industry. I call on my fellow tech workers to actively resist any definition of “success” which requires them to ignore or violate users’ boundaries, and to build products that value enthusiastic consent over user manipulation.”
  • Toxic Until Proven Healthy — Medium: “Similarly, women (or otherwise marginalized people) thinking about employment with a tech firm know that many firms are toxic — they don’t even have the statistical comfort of knowing that it’s only one in twenty. (Indeed, anecdote suggests that it’s far more than five percent.) … It’s a small wonder that many, when faced with the risk of that commitment, choose to assume that company cultures are toxic until proven healthy. It’s a small wonder that many choose to leave the industry rather than seek out that proof.”
  • Culture Offset Pledge: “We encourage those who can’t move to self-hosting their git projects, now or long-term, to participate in active harm reduction efforts. We specifically encourage individuals and organizations who rely on GitHub for critical infrastructure to begin donating an equal or greater amount of money to projects which work to counter institutional injustice in tech, or which use tech to counter institutional injustice.”
  • I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed: Where Are The Women of Google’s Project Ara? | Autostraddle: “Not seeing the female Googlers present a project to the press or be interviewed for what they are working on sends a message—this is not for you. It’s not made for you and it’s not an industry for you. The gadgets are the toys for the boys. And frankly, I don’t think that’s the message that Google intends to send. “
  • Sexual harassment in academic philosophy: Truthbomb: “I should’ve never met my hero, because when I did I found out that, just like his mentor (another famous philosopher), he vehemently refused to subject the private sphere to assessments of justice.”
  • Codemancer: A Fantasy Game that Teaches the Magic of Code by Robert Lockhart — Kickstarter: “The goal of the game is to be as broad and inclusive as possible.  A gender-neutral fantasy setting, a female protagonist, a narrative backbone, and a language designed for accessibility; these are all ways to knock down barriers that prevent some kids from engaging with programming.  When everybody is making technology, the technology they make will be for everybody.”
  • Julie Pagano – I Support Speakers and So Can You: “Several people have asked me about the Tech Conf Speaker Support of Awesomness speaking support group that I run. I am sharing some information about what we do in the hopes that others might join us or create groups of their own.”
  • What (Else) Can Men Do? Grow The Fuck Up. — Medium: “Growing the fuck up means being able to admit that you still have learning to do. It means opening yourself up to narratives in which you are not the expert or the hero. If you believe that your exceptional smarts make you an authority on other people’s experiences and perspectives, then you have some growing the fuck up to do.”
  • When Excellence Isn’t Enough — Medium: “Ignoring the issues is setting yourself up for failure because you don’t want to face the truth. Once you know what’s likely to happen, you can do something about it. You can prepare. Assuming it won’t happen to you is naive. So, I’m going to keep talking about these problems. The more of us who share, the harder it is to ignore. The more of us who share, the more we’ll know about the extent of the problems. The more of us who share, the less burden will fall on each of us.”
  • Consent culture promotion at Penguicon: Penguicon (open source, science fiction, DIY convention May 2-4 near Detroit) put this firm, positive full-page poster-style message about consent culture on the inner cover of their program book. Positive tweets and positive replies ensued. Their Code of Conduct is pretty good, too. http://2014.penguicon.org/code-of-conduct/

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  1. rmd1023

    So, is there a github replacement out there that hasn’t pissed off a whole lot of women in tech (at least not yet)?
    Might be a good market niche, among other things. I’ve dabbled in github but only have a couple of small repositories that are basically personal-only. I’d love to move it over to someplace better.

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