GitHub alternatives and replacements?

Promoted from comments to a “Ask a Geek Feminist” post for commenters because we suspect many people have this question:

rmd1023 asks:

So, is there a github replacement out there that hasn’t pissed off a whole lot of women in tech (at least not yet)?
Might be a good market niche, among other things. I’ve dabbled in github but only have a couple of small repositories that are basically personal-only. I’d love to move it over to someplace better.

See the background and also the Culture Offset pledge, to donate the equal of any money paid to GitHub to “culture offset” organisations. Wikipedia has a big list of code hosting sites.

Where are you hosting your code and why?

Note: if you are affiliated with any code hosting site, please disclose it in your comment.

10 thoughts on “GitHub alternatives and replacements?

  1. lynnfx

    I’m using gitlab right now, but all of the currently existing services are going to be run by white dudes, and there-for aren’t to be trusted. I fully expect to get a “gitlab alternatives and replacements” email several months from now. I’m not going to trust any sort of service unless, if nothing else, it wasn’t put together by a team of privilege personified.

    (On that note, if someone wants a junior web dev to help them build up the thing, you can totally email me)

  2. Gina White

    I’ve moved things to bitbucket. They make it super easy to import repositories from other places, including github.

    I think though that the simple fact is github has all the developer mindshare and they enjoy significant network effects due to that. Employers tend to look at a github page to see someones work. Developers tend to search for projects on github. The forking model that github has only works within github, but it works so well that many people won’t give that up.

  3. Lesley Binks

    I’m curious to know what people want from a code hosting project.
    If you were to shift to a new code host what would you expect to be provided?

  4. Claire

    Bitbucket, with unlimited private repositories (which is why I use in instead of github in the first place, for academic paper writing and the like).

  5. Nikki

    I like Bitbucket for my private stuff – good visual design, good in UX terms, and well documented.

    Lesley – Are you thinking of making a thing? A non-white-dude-run site would be really cool :)

    I guess I’d say: reliable uptime, some kind of visual record of branches/merges on the commit record, solid system for adding users with different permissions on a repo…

  6. lynnfx

    If I had a list of requirements for a feminist run site it would be:

    * Can view and edit the files online

    * At least 1 purple color scheme

    Very intense demands, I know.

  7. sno-flake

    Be no hostatge to code hosting sites. Check out fossil-scm, it’s basically distributed revision control, ticket-system, wiki AND server in a single portable executable. Nothig to install. The repo can be imported from git, svn and by itself is a sqlite-db. I can easily host my own repos off anything, including my own laptop. White dudes? Well, the “dude” is actually the creator of SQLite db. No hype, not much “social” aspect either, just a tool for the job.

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