The linkspam instinct (24 May 2014)

Announcements etc:

  • Long Hidden, a Kickstarter-funded anthology of spec fic centering marginalised characters, is now available for purchase.
  • Registration for Solutions Summit 2014: Women in Science Writing (June 13–15 at MIT) is open.
  • Model View Culture’s Queer issue is out! Individual articles will be scattered over the spam over the next week, but check out the whole thing.
  • FOSS4G — a conference for open source geospatial software, to be held in Portland Oregon in September — is dedicating 50% of their travel grants funding for women and minority attendees. Applications close May 30. They’re also looking for donations to the travel fund; you can donate when you register for the event.

Gender diversity data and tech companies:


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5 thoughts on “The linkspam instinct (24 May 2014)

  1. d2k

    She-Hulk round-up: At the John August/ Craig Maison Scriptntoes live podcast last week, screenwriter David S. Goyer who is writing the first film that She-Hulk will appear in called her “a green porn star that only Hulk could fuck”.

    The Mary Sue: David Goyer calls She Hulk Sex fantasy — good summary of what happened

    AV Club: Stan Lee responds to David s. Goyer’s ‘She Hulk is a sex fantasy’ theory by Sean O’Neil — Stan Lee sets the record straight

    The Washington Post: She Hulk is a feminist hero not a male fantasy by Alyssa Rosenberg

    Never Get off the Bus: Always Mind your Surroundings: Woflblood show creator Debbie Moon reads Goyer et al the riot act on respecting your fans, characters and source material

  2. ConFigures

    The Harvard Business Review article “Managing Yourself: Women, Find Your Voice” in the linkspam above seems more about blaming individual women for not asserting themselves, than recognizing the benefits of different communication styles or the reinforcement for women NOT to assert themselves (disproportionate punishment, different perceptions of women and men saying the same thing, etc.). I guess it’s easier to fault women for not being enough like those already in power, than to tackle companies and upper managers that don’t recognize the value of different styles or do enough to address systemic issues.

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