She who controls linkspam controls the universe (30 May 2014)

  • Esther Dyson: Breaking through tech’s glass ceiling | BBC News (May 27): “Esther Dyson has been called “the most influential woman in all the computer world”. After fostering some of the biggest names in technology – and growing wealthy in the process – she is now trying to help people live better with a new health initiative.”
  • on claiming feminist identity (May 28): “but more fundamentally, i disagree with jean and scott that making feminism more acceptable for more people to claim is inherently a step forward. it’s similar to how i don’t believe that making a programming language gain popularity makes it a better programming language. yes, there is work to be done in dispelling myths and disseminating good information. but in the process of “selling” something you believe in, you become protective of it, and then suddenly defensive in the face of valid criticism. you also wind up needing to water down and compromise the ideals you’re selling until it’s palatable to the people who really fundamentally are not on your side. (in shanley’s words: “at last, a feminism the patriarchy can get behind!”)”
  • New STEM Education Initiative Inspires Girls To Earn Less Than Men In Scientific Career | The Onion (May 27): ““Today’s girls have the potential to become the physicists and chemists of tomorrow, powerlessly watching as their male counterparts are promoted over them, their intellects are ignored, and their research is underrepresented in scientific journals. Our mission is to let every young woman know that such a future isn’t a fantasy; it’s a reality they can most certainly achieve.””
  • #22667 replaced occurrences of master/slave terminology with leader/follower by fcurella · Pull Request #2692 · django/django (May 20): “The docs and some tests contain references to a master/slave db configuration. While this terminology has been used for a long time, those terms may carry racially charged meanings to users. This patch replaces all occurrences of master and slave with ‘leader’ and ‘follower'”
  • Sexual Predators: The Imagined and the Real | Psychology Today (May 5): “What makes our national obsession with sexual predation destructive is that it is used to justify systematically excluding young people from public life, both online and off.”
  • Twitter to Release All Tweets to Scientists: A Trove of Billions of Tweets Will Be a Research Boon and An Ethical Dilemma | Scientific American (June 1): “Until now, most interested scientists have been working with a limited number of tweets. Although a majority of tweets are public, if scientists want to freely search the lot, they do it through Twitter’s application programming interface, which currently scours only 1 percent of the archive. But that is about to change: in February the company announced that it will make all its tweets, dating back to 2006, freely available to researchers.”
  • The Whiteness of Apple | Random House Canada (May 27): “Like whiteness itself, Apple goes about becoming “normal” by never actually calling itself that, but insisting that it is nonetheless.”
  • Your Mother Calls Bullshit on Silicon Valley | AnnMaria’s Blog (May 29): “By focusing on a narrow demographic, products are made that don’t reflect the needs and interests of a large swath of the population, like mothers of school children, and teachers. Educational products made by people who have never been in a classroom often begin with the assumption that teachers are the problem and technology is the solution. Funding people over 30, and women, to make products THEY would want to use is a missed opportunity.”


At the John August/ Craig Maison Scriptntoes live podcast last week, screenwriter David S. Goyer who is writing the first film that She-Hulk will appear in called her “a green porn star that only Hulk could fuck”.

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