O brave new world that has such linkspam in it (3 June 2014)

  • The Media Lab “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck” Hackathon | Medium: “The goals for the hackathon were to educate ourselves and our colleagues about the mechanics of breast pumping, discuss design challenges posed by current technologies and societal norms, and generate ideas for how we could change our machines and our society to make breastfeeding and breast pumping a normal, painless, and not-degrading experience for moms. We want to bring the breast pump out of the lactation closet, so to speak. Our larger goal is to help fuel a culture of innovation in the space of maternal and neonatal health, a space that typically lags behind other fields in technological innovation.”
  • We Have Work to Do: #yesallwomen and the Web | An A List Apart Blog Post: “So we, the staff of A List Apart, are putting a stake in the ground: we will be part of this conversation, too. Sexism and discrimination and diversity are not fringe issues—not problems that should be relegated only to niche sites or individuals’ blogs. They’re mainstream issues that have found far too comfortable a home in our industry. An industry we’ve worked too damn hard to grow, guide, and collaborate with to watch it falter and flail now.”
  • Reframing the Trigger Warnings Debate – satifice: “The reason why I’m highlighting the accommodation/disability aspect of this is because it is the important and salient point being lost in the panic about academic freedom. Academic freedom isn’t a human right. However, accommodations for disability are a human right. What you say, when you say academic freedom matters more than disability accommodations, is that your privilege matters more than someone else’s human rights. In so doing, you really are the embodiment of institutional oppression. Because this is the message that society at large tells disabled people.”
  • GenCon’s GoH are “diverse as the industry itself”? NOT GOOD ENOUGH. | Go Make Me a Sandwich: “We are here, women and gamers of color and queer people and non-binary people. WE ARE HERE. And we deserve to be reflected. IT’S TIME TO STOP ERASING US.”
  • These Tween Girls Created An Android App For The Blind | TechCrunch: “A group of six grade school girls in Los Fresnos, Texas took it upon themselves to solve a problem for blind kids. They built an app for them. The app, Hello Navi, first came from the imagination of a particular girl in the group, Grecia Cano. She says her heart went out to the blind students in her school who had a hard time figuring out how to get around.”
  • kankedort: long hidden dialect roundup: “It’s not all a fun conversation; some of it’s been difficult. But to me it’s still really exciting, because people are writing about their experiences transferring spoken words into writing. Writers who do this in their fiction are blogging about it for the first time. Personal writing histories are coming out, tentatively and with pain, because language is so closely tied to identity. Identity has language (whether that language is verbal or not) the way skin has nerves. Language is how identity interacts with the world and, in a weird way, how it feels. That’s why a negative comment about someone’s language hurts so much, especially if their identity is already bruised.”
  • My mistake of silence | Star Stryder: [TW: Sexual assault, harassment] “My mistake was being silent and pretending nothing ever happened. My mistake is not earning enough money to not be afraid of going head-to-head with a famous person who I know can afford lawyers. To every woman who has spoken to me since then … I’m sorry.”
  • Notes From A Queer Engineer: Can Inanimate Objects Be Sexist? | Autostraddle: “Cisgender men dominate the field of engineering, and they also hold most control over who receives funding and how said funds will be allocated. Is it any surprise that this system produces results prioritizing the wants and needs of cisgender men? Even so, does the fact that the logic is somewhat understandable make it okay? Does the fact that male privilege is ubiquitous also mean that it is right?”
  • Your next conference should have real-time captioning | composition.al: “We’re so glad we did this. If you’re a conference organizer, your next conference should have real-time transcription. It’s a small investment that will make your conference better for everyone.”

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