Quick hit: #NotJustHello

Today, Mikki Kendall — who you’ll remember from a previous Wednesday Geek Woman feature — started the #NotJustHello hashtag to talk about how women experience street harassment, in ways that go far beyond an unknown man saying “hello”. In just a few hours, there have already been a lot of great conversations not just about specific experiences of harassment, but about boundaries and the difference between flirtation and harassment.

Inspired by some of the responses to the hashtag, which echo responses that I’ve seen every time women share their experiences being harassed, I created a new Geek Feminism Wiki page, I can’t believe that happens, about the repeating pattern of men responding to these accounts in ways that reflect a need to prove that they are surprised it ever happens.

4 thoughts on “Quick hit: #NotJustHello

  1. Katherine

    “I can’t believe that happens” means to me that that person cannot imagine a world with ‘bad people’ in. You can believe that it is not all men without having to believe that it never happens. There’s enough fiction for men written with something bad happening to the women in it just to show that the villain is a villain, why can’t they believe that it would happen in real life, at least occasionally.

  2. Smudgy

    On the topic of #NotJustHello, I think it might be worth bringing up the way that this activity is presented (and normalized!) in things like romantic comedies. This sort of male behavior is portrayed as “quirky” and “charming” in the media, not to mention resulting in universal success.

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