Extremely Loud and Incredibly Linkspam (12th August, 2014)

  • this has been going on a long time | Filling the Well (August 6): “Women have always spoken out against sexism and the injustice done to them for no other reason than their identity as women.” Quotes from outspoken feminists throughout the ages.
  • Twitter Won’t Stop Harassment on Its Platform, So Its Users Are Stepping In (August 6): “The network tells abused individuals to shut up (‘abusive users often lose interest once they realize that you will not respond’), unfollow, block, and—in extreme cases—get off Twitter, pick up the phone, and call the police. Twitter opts to ban abusive users from its network only when they issue ‘direct, specific threats of violence against others.’ That’s a criminal standard stricter than the code you’d encounter at any workplace, school campus, or neighborhood bar.”
  • Why are the media so obsessed with female scientists’ appearance? | theguardian.com (August 10): “Yet another profile of Susan Greenfield feels the need to dwell on her ‘long, youthfully blond hair’. Why are the media so rubbish at covering women in science?”
  • In Science, It Matters That Women Come Last | FiveThirtyEight (August 5): “The news is both good and bad. When a female scientist writes a paper, she is more likely to be first author than the average author on that paper. But she is less likely to be last author, writes far fewer papers and is especially unlikely to publish papers on her own. Because she writes fewer papers, she ends up more isolated in the network of scientists, with additional consequences for her career.”
  • Five Aussie women with apps to their name | the age (August 9): “Apple alone has clocked more than 1.2 million apps and 75 billion user downloads from its App Store worldwide, while Google Play lists 1.3 million apps. Most of those, people assume, were built by men. But for women, who’ve long been a minority group in the tech sector, the apps market is proving fertile, according to Miriam Hochwald, founder of Girl Geek Coffees, a networking group.”
  • Backing diversity lowers the bar? | SC Magazine (August 4): “when we as an industry only make room for “tough” people, people who are willing to put up with sexist, racist, ageist, ableist and LGBTQ-phobic behavior, we pass up brilliant minds and incredible talent. Some of the smartest people I know are not people that would be described as alpha. When you pass them up because they’re not exactly what you had in mind, you’re the one losing out.”

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