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  • Twitter Engineer Dana McCallum Pled Guilty to Two Misdemeanors | Valleywag (October 7): [CW: rape] “At a hearing in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, Dana McCallum, a Twitter engineer and prominent women’s rights and LGBT activist, accepted a guilty plea for two misdemeanors related to the alleged rape of her wife. McCallum, who is a transgender woman, was initially charged with five felonies for the alleged incident, which occurred in January.”
  • How did Twitter become the hate speech wing of the free speech party? | KevinMarks.com (October 4): “Say something about feminism or race, or sea lions and you’d find yourself inundated by the same trite responses from multitudes. Complain about it, and they turn nasty, abusing you, calling in their friends to join in. Your phone becomes useless under the weight of notifications; you can’t see your friends support amongst the flood.Twitter has become the hate speech wing of the free speech party. The limited tools available – blocking, muting, going private – do not match well with these floods. Twitter’s abuse reporting form takes far longer than a tweet, and is explicitly ignored if friends try to help.”
  • Trouble at the Koolaid Point | Serious Pony (October 7): [CW: sexual harassment] “There is only one reliably useful weapon for the trolls to stop the danger you pose and/or to get max lulz: discredit you.
  • graydon2 | on false equivalences (October 7): “I want to write to my fellow straight white able-bodied rich men (SWARMs?) of the tech industry, and perhaps of the broader internet. There are a lot of us! A disproportionate number, in fact. I will get to proportionality in a bit. I want to discuss oppression because of a reaction a lot of my fellow SWARMs seem to have to many recent displays of sexism, homophobia, racism, classism, that sort of thing. This is the reaction of stating false equivalences (and their close relative: false balance). I want my fellow SWARMs to learn not to do that. Just that. I want you, if you can get through reading this, to reflect on false equivalences you’ve heard, maybe some you’ve uttered yourself — hey, we all do it sometimes — and make a promise to get better about it. Don’t even promise me. Promise yourself, on the basis of trying to be a decent and reasonable person: make yourself a promise to not emit false equivalences anymore.”
  • @skullmandible on marginalized fiction (with tweets) | pizza_blood | Storify (October 3): A series of embedded tweets discuss how having a label for a medium, such as “gamer” or “literature” leads to a homogeneity in what is accepted as “canon” which rejects everything that isn’t canon as trash: “the self-selected arbiters of the medium classify as “trash” (typically) genre work and films/literature/games by women and POC”
  • The First Female Gamers | Medium (October 5): A history of women gamers: “Something unprecedented about Dungeons & Dragons rendered it more popular with women than prior titles marketed to “gamers.” Was it that it was a personal game, a fantasy game, a game that deemphasized competition? Whatever the reason, it converted many women into gamers at a critical juncture in history: the dawn of personal computer gaming.”
  • Lennart Poettering: The Open Source community is a sick place to be in | Google+ (October 6): [CW: verbal abuse, harassment, death threats] Kernel developer Lennart Poettering writes about the abuse he’s received as a result of his open-source participation: “The Linux community is dominated by western, white, straight, males in their 30s and 40s these days. I perfectly fit in that pattern, and the rubbish they pour over me is awful. I can only imagine that it is much worse for members of minorities, or people from different cultural backgrounds, in particular ones where losing face is a major issue.”
  • #WeNeedDiverseMedia for reasons….part 96464864 of a never ending list | hoodfeminism (October 6): “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop having “The first Black/first POC to do X in media” because it wasn’t so hard for creators of color to get access to major platforms? Wouldn’t it be great if the demographics of people in power in publishing houses, Hollywood, and major cable networks reflected the populations they claim to represent? No one’s going to hand us seats at those proverbial tables though, so we create our own tables, and clearly when we do, we have to be aware that for some people we need a reason to exist, and we can’t afford to worry about what those people, all we can do is focus on the work in front of us.”
  • Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their eBook Libraries | The Digital Reader (October 6): “Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, and in what order. All of this data, including the title, publisher, and other metadata for the book is being sent to Adobe’s server in clear text.”

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