We want to have our Linkspam and eat it, too! (12 October 2014)

Read how the Grace Hopper Celebration Ally Panel went horribly wrong:

And here’s to all the other stuff:

  • An Apology to the Trans* Community | Alissa Nutting (October 8): Speaking about how not to be an ally, Allisa Nutting apologizes for messing up with a story about a trans* character: “My level of ignorance at the time was truly astounding. I conflated allyship with intention. Because I meant well, I imagined that I could explore trans* consciousness from my privileged position. I know now that an ally must listen more than s/z/he speaks and act in accordance with the trans* community.”
  • Why We Must Help Bridge the Gap For Women In Tech | Lisa Abeyta (October 9): “Over the past five years as we’ve grown APPCityLife into the civic tech platform it is today, I’ve wondered how many other women would embrace tech if they believed it possible to do so. Tech is so much more than being a full-fledged developer, scientist or engineer, and one of our goals has been to empower individuals on the fringe of tech to not just join the community but change the conversation by being part of it.”
  • Misogyny and the Female Body in Dungeons & Dragons | Analog Game Studies (October 6): Given that even canonical game theorists such as Fine seem unconcerned with the reproduction of rape culture within the space of role-playing games, it is important to better understand the history of racist and misogynist attitudes in game culture. This essay addresses this problem by offering a close read of two articles on the topic from The Dragon, TSR Hobbies’ flagship magazine for all things Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The Unsafety Net: How Social Media Turned Against Women – The Atlantic (October 9): “A 2013 report from the World Health Organization called violence against women “a global health problem of epidemic proportion,” from domestic abuse, stalking, and street harassment to sex trafficking, rape, and murder. This epidemic is thriving in the petri dish of social media.” [content warning: discussion of threats and sexualized violence against women]
  • Dollars for Dudes: Almost No Women Among Medical Industry’s Top-Paid Speakers, Consultants | ProPublica (October 8): “The causes are not clear, but men account for more than 90 percent of the 300 doctors who received the most money from drug and medical device companies, according to new federal data.”
  • Pro-gaming team banned: “Too good to be girls” « Player Attack (October 6): “An all-female pro-gaming team has reportedly been disqualified from a Dota 2 competition because they’re too good at the game. Organisers at the recent Girls Wars SEA event felt that one of the members of team Dolls plays the game “like a boy”, and has kicked the whole team out of the contest.”
  • 6 Women Making Waves for Social Justice in Tech | craigconnects (October 10): Looking for role models? Here are a few excellent women to choose from!
  • Atheism’s shocking woman problem: What’s behind the misogyny of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris? | Salon.com (October 3): “But despite the natural and cozy fit of atheism and feminism, the much-ballyhooed “New Atheism” that was supposed to be a more aggressive, political form of atheism has instead been surprisingly male-dominated. The reason has, in recent years, become quite apparent: Many of the most prominent leaders of the New Atheism are quick to express deeply sexist ideas. Despite their supposed love of science and rationality, many of them are nearly as quick as their religious counterparts to abandon reason in order to justify regressive views about women.”
  • 13-Year-Old Girl in Training to Be the First Person on Mars, NASA Thinks She Could Succeed | The Mary Sue (October 9): “Mark this one down in the win column for women in STEM. Whether or not Alyssa Carson actually achieves her big dream of making history on Mars, her dedication to studies in science and languages, plus her becoming the first person to attend all three of NASA’s world space camps, is inspiring.”
  • Kings of Pain: On Gender and Power in Shadow of Mordor | A Game Of Me (October 6): “It honestly never occurred to me when I started playing that it might be, in its treatment of women, the most exasperatingly cliche, troubling video game narrative I’ve encountered in some time.”
  • Life and Times of a Tech Feminist Killjoy | Julie Pagano : Julie Pagano, author of the “death by a thousand paper cuts” piece, is leaving the tech community. Her series about her experiences since the papercut article give insight into the climate and events that lead to that decision.

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  1. Lisa Abeyta

    Thank you for including my post among those you’ve shared. I’m still a bit surprised at the response to it but am glad on some levels – although I wish it weren’t the case – that so many have resonated with my own experiences.

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