The Linkspam and I (3 November 2014)

  • A Teenager Gets Grilled By Her Dad About Why She’s Not That Into Coding | Matter — Medium (29 October).
  • On alcohol and tech culture | beerops (28 October): “I don’t have any problems with alcohol in and of itself, but I do have problems with how I’ve seen it used as a gauge for someone’s value in the tech industry.”
  • Tech companies haven’t gotten past sexism 1.0 | SFGate (27 October): “I wondered whether the point of the gift had more to do with my gender than his company. It seemed as though Blake Francis, the founder, was addressing me as a woman, but not a journalist.”
  • I Hope Twitter Goes Away | Alex Gaynor (30 October): “Every user floats by themselves, interacting with who they please. This denies us the ability to build communities, to set social norms, and to enforce them.”
  • We do what we must because we can | ravishly  (27 October): [CW: harassment, transmisogyny, TERFs]  “I made a casual reference to the most famous, most prolific TERF—my intent was not to indict, but to illustrate that we are individuals in larger, arguably adversarial movements. Well that casual reference proceeded to feature me on her blog, replete with my birth name, home address and links to videos I’d forgotten I’d even made.”
  • Dealing with harassment (and spam) on the Web | BCC (26 October): “It’s not an easy algorithmic problem, it takes a psychological toll on human moderators, it puts online services into the uncomfortable position of arbiter of appropriateness of speech.”
  • The EntitleMen: techno-libertarian right wing sockpuppets of silicon valley | graydon2 (29 October) : “My thesis is that it is not [Neoreaction] per se that’s a “memetic adaptation of conservative thought”, but libertarianism; [Neoreaction] is a natural (hopefully brief) proto-fascist outburst from a long-lived libertarian movement in American politics, one that’s been growing in the tech community for a long time, and is fundamentally running on old-school conservative (rightist) ideological and emotional fuel.”

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