The Principle of Least Linkspam (14 November 2014)


  •  Questions To Ask An Interviewer To Detect How Female-Friendly A Company or Engineering Team Is | Hackbright Acadamy:  “ “We do a lot of things outside of work together. I actually went surfing with one of my coworkers this morning. But if you wanted to find someone to, I don’t know, go shopping with you, I’m sure you could.” Such gender-based assumptions would cause me to worry about future assumptions that might be made. Not all answers will give such a clear signal, but any answer should still give you a good feel for the personalities of the people you would be working with.”
  • [Content note: descriptions of rape apologism and anti-semitism/nazi and fascist references] How we tried to prevent incidents at a hacker camp, why we expected not to succeed, and how we failed | Milena Popova: “Safer spaces policies are there not to prevent the reproduction of all patriarchal biases, but to prevent their manifestation in violence- verbal, mental or physical. They’re there to lower the cost of participation for people from oppressed groups from “I’m going to get slurs shouted at me all day” to “I’m going to feel slightly out of place”. Of course, they also have a second purpose – they are a form of fliter, a message saying “we’re not actively violent towards oppressed groups and if you are then you’re not welcome”.”
  • The Ladies Vanish | The New Inquiry: “Amazon has built a massive network of casualized internet laborers whose hidden work helps programmers and technological innovators appear brilliant. Their Mechanical Turk program, taking its name from the 18th century curiosity, hires people to do invisible work online—work which makes their client companies’ software look flawless. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos calls it “artificial artificial intelligence.” Ninety percent of human intelligence tasks pay under $0.10 per task.”
  • [Trigger Warning: descriptions of harassment, stalking, sexual assault, and death threats] What US Law Can (and Can’t) Do About Online Harassment | The Atlantic: “Self-taken photos are owned by the photographer, so a website displaying those photos without consent is violating copyright.” “[Federal cyber-stalking] laws specifically stipulate that an “interactive computer service” cannot be used to threaten. Approximately half of the states in the U.S. have also updated their laws to allow authorities to press charges against people engaging in cyber stalking and cyber harassment.”
  • Dear @airsage | Sarah Fine: Airsage have published a sexist graphic depicting women’s participation in the transportation industry.
  • #endGamerGate2014 Linkspam | Bluebec: Another linkspam covering #GamerGate’s bad behaviour.

A few links about Matt Taylor wearing a ‘naked-lady shirt’ while representing the European Space Agency (note: he has since issued a personal apology):

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