Actually, it’s about ethics in linkspam journalism (5 December 2014)

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3 thoughts on “Actually, it’s about ethics in linkspam journalism (5 December 2014)

  1. quixote

    Watson was a schmuck from the get-go, but nobody cared until he made his racism obvious. He set the hyper-competitive macho model for the whole field of molecular biology, which has done nobody any good. And he launched his fame and fortune by ripping off Rosalind Franklin’s ideas. (She was the one who did the X-ray diffraction work on DNA and first understood its structure.)

    The real problem is that people can’t wait to adore the biggest chest-thumping gorilla. It’s not Watson. It was obvious he was a mistake right from the start, if anybody had wanted to pay attention.

  2. MadGastronomer

    That Callisto system sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope they’ll make sure to open it up to include staff and faculty for both reporting and reported.

    And since it’s open source, I hope it will be adapted for other professional areas and social settings. Conferences and conventions, organizations, etc.

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