Linkspam arrived on time, was as described (December 9 2014)

  • Why women are leaving the tech industry in droves | LA Times (December 5): “In 2008, the Harvard Business Review published a landmark report on women in tech, “The Athena Factor,” which found that the mid-career point is the most dangerous time for women. Just as their male colleagues’ careers are taking off, women’s start to stall, with those who’ve reached the beginning ranks of management reporting feeling blocked in moving up because they don’t have a mentor, a sponsor or a road map.”
  • CNN’s Van Jones Speaks on Tech’s Digital “Cotton Pickers” | Re/code (December 4): “you deserve to be more than just digital cotton pickers in the information age. You need to be uploading and not downloading. Your genius should be tapped.”
  • Hacked documents reveal a Hollywood studio’s stunning gender and race gap | Fusion (December 1): According to leaked data, “the upper pay echelon of Sony Pictures is 94 percent male, and 88 percent white.”
  • Does Sex Make Science Fiction “Soft?” | Uncanny Magazine (November/December Issue): “How much kissing and flirting can a story take before it doesn’t deserve to be called science fiction any more? Yes, that was a trick question.”
  • On the 25th Anniversary of École Polytechnique | Julie Pagano (December 6): “This event is notable to me and often thought about because it is a reminder that people do exist who not only intend harm against women, but will actually carry it out. This isn’t an isolated incident — another mass killing targeting women happened this year in California. Many smaller incidents happen all the time. I think about it often. I can’t not.” Content notice: violence, violence against women, mass shooting
  • Programmers: Please don’t ever say this to beginners … | Philip Guo (November): “Haha, psssh, PHP is so dumb. You should learn Ruby on Rails, deploy on Heroku, and code in Vim. TextMate is for n00bs. Oh, then move onto some Node.js, that’s sweeeeet. non-blocking I/O w000000t.” Why expert coders can be crappy teachers.
  • My Career is not about Stopping Gamergate | Space Channel 6 (December 7:) “This is the thankless task I’ve signed up for. If I were being honest – I’m more than a little resentful. The vast majority of our male-dominated games press wrote a single piece condemning Gamergate and has been radio silent ever since. The publishers are silent, the console makers are silent. And so, Anita, Zoe, Randi and myself are out here doing the majority of the work, while everyone whines about wanting it to be over.”
  • Infographic: Gender Gap – Women in Technology | Lucidworks (December 4): “Here’s a snapshot of the gender gap in technology and how it compares to the rest of the workforce – and why we should reprogram the gender balance”


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