I’ll Linkspam What She’s Linkspamming (7 January 2015)

  • It’s Not an Asshole Problem—It’s a Bystander Problem | Accidentally in Code “I read Lean In and looked around at the women I knew, and I noticed how, for most of us, it “just so happened” that a guy was promoted over them. It “just so happened” that he was the tech/team lead, or the manager. It “just so happened” that we hadn’t been promoted before our projects were killed.”
  • Mediocrity and Unfair Expectations, or, Gender Bias in Judging Women | Medium (December 31): “I wish there were more mediocre women developers. When women are as mediocre as men, well, then we are in a post-sexist world.”
  • What leading feminists want to accomplish this year | The Washington Post (January 2): “From the creators of #BlackLivesMatter to a MacArthur genius fighting for women’s labor rights, we asked 16 of the year’s most influential voices for what they hope to accomplish in 2015.”
  • Fixing Broken Things | This View of Life (December 29): QA analyst’s analogy for social justice – it’s all about fixing things, but we’re still arguing about who’s to blame.
  • Pinterest Engineer Tracy Chou is Breaking the Silicon Ceiling | Vogue (November 21): “At only 27, Chou has emerged as a star problem-solver, a programmer who, having started out as an intern at Facebook and Google before taking on a foundational role at Quora, can now do with a line of code what a master brain surgeon can do with a rongeur. More recently, though, she’s led an effort to solve one of the tech industry’s most nagging problems: a striking dearth of women, especially within its engineering ranks.”


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