I Just Love Finding New Places To Wear Linkspam (9 January 2015)

  • The hard slog of diversity — Medium: “Even if you work in an organization that’s supportive, and which would love to make changes and celebrate them, dealing with these concerns is SO MUCH WORK. You can spend weeks trying to get a small measure in place. And if it didn’t work, did you waste your time? If your job at the company is not to fix this problem, do you get tired after your first idea? your third idea? How do you decide if an idea is even worth tackling, especially if it’s controversial?”
  • In STEM Courses, a Gender Gap in Online Class Discussions – Wired Campus – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Women and men behave differently in online class discussions, at least in science, engineering, and computer-science courses, according to a new study conducted by Piazza Technologies, a company that makes a digital class-participation tool. The company found that women use its program, called Piazza, to ask more questions than do their male peers, but that they answer fewer questions. When women do answer, they are more likely to answer anonymously.”
  • 31c3: inclusivity, bias and awareness – Zara Rahman: “Essentially, all of the observations that we’d been hearing about students’ access to technology, the differences between postgrads and undergrads, were all true for men only, not for any women at all. Call me picky, but for me at least, gender segregation in the university being discussed is a major fact that affects how I interpret most of the observations mentioned, and one I hope would be given more importance than being brought up by an audience member.”
  • Intel Budgets $300 Million for Diversity – NYTimes.com: “In addition, Intel said it has established a $300 million fund to be used in the next three years to improve the diversity of the company’s work force, attract more women and minorities to the technology field and make the industry more hospitable to them once they get there. The money will be used to fund engineering scholarships and to support historically black colleges and universities.”
  • What Happened When The New York Times Tried To Profile Marissa Mayer — Medium: “Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has a long profile of Marissa Mayer’s turnaround efforts at Yahoo called “What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs.” And I’m furious. Because this is tech journalism at its sexist worst.”
  • ‘Agent Carter’ Star Reveals Wild Hopes for Decades of Stories to Come: “It’s a great time to be able to say to audiences and to Hollywood alike: Women are bankable. They want to be at the forefront. They are watchable, and audiences want them, and Hollywood should want to make female-centered projects. I feel like the last 10 years of TV has created really strong and fascinating women. Women who aren’t the damsel in distress or the ingenue or the bitch or the mother-in-law. They are a lot more interesting and complex. I hope that Peggy is seen in that category of leading a show, but also showing her flaws and showing much more relatable qualities.”
  • ‘Philosophy is for posh, white boys with trust funds’ – why are there so few women? | Higher Education Network | The Guardian: Interviews with female philosophers. “Although male and female students take philosophy undergraduate courses in almost equal numbers, the number of women who pursue a career in philosophy is much lower. A recent report by the Equality Challenge Unit found that, among non-Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, philosophy is one of the most male-dominated, with men accounting for 71.2% of the profession.”

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  1. ConFigures

    31c3: I was surprised to read about the North Korean university that won’t allow women into the computer science department — and I agree the speaker should have addressed that in his talk.
    Philosophy: I double-majored in philosophy and computer science. I was always planning to do computers for work, but I remember one of the female philosophy professors (we did have two or three in our department, which I didn’t realize at the time was rare) mentioning issues with disregard of her work, which had a less-traditional focus for philosophy.

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