Every Little Thing She Does Is Linkspam (18 January 2015)

  • What Happened to All of the Women in Computer Science? | Pacific Standard (January 12): “having a personal computer as a kid was a strong predictor of choosing the major, and that parents were much more likely to buy a PC for their sons than they were for their daughters.”
  • On Sexism and Awards | Justine Larbalestier (January 13): “If you’re a man and you write a realist YA novel you’re more likely to win an award for it than a woman is.” YA fiction is more diverse in stories and authors than awards reveal.
  • An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media | The Message | Medium (January 12): “teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background.” “The fact that professionals prefer anecdotes from people like us over concerted efforts to understand a demographic as a whole is shameful. More importantly, it’s downright dangerous. It shapes what the tech industry builds and invests in, what gets promoted by journalists, and what gets legitimized by institutions of power. This is precisely why and how the tech industry is complicit in the increasing structural inequality that is plaguing our society.”
  • How to Edit Wikipedia: Lessons from a Female Contributor | Anita Borg Institute (January 13): “Beware editors who only want to talk about content; who feel that civility is not a problem on Wikipedia; who dismiss other editors or tell others to ignore problems; and who constantly derail discussions.”
  • And now, a guest performance by the Bogglemen | Rosemary For Remembrance (January 15): In reaction to the Anita Borg link above: “I am bitter and tired, I admit this, but I genuinely don’t see why women should invest their scarce time and resources in contributing to a public resource, no matter how valuable, that tolerates the behavior described.”
  • The ‘strong female character’ is dead. All hail the complicated woman. | The Washington Post (January 13): “What was best in film and television last year was the stripping away of the requirement that female characters have to be “strong” to be interesting or admirable.”
  • Agent Carter’s ‘Feminism’ Is More About Making Money Than Gender Equality | In These Times (January 13): “Given Marvel’s influence, yes, it’s good that Agent Carter has feminist ambitions, a strong female lead, even some understanding of women’s history. And that should be the standard for all Marvel movies, because, like it or not, they’re one of the most powerful cultural forces in the world. This is what the “representation” part of feminist analysis is good at demanding: If these entertainments are going to be ubiquitous, they had better not be harmful.
    But let us not confuse a corporation adjusting its marketing strategy with “feminism.” Let us not assume Marvel wishes to do anything but acquire a new revenue stream, and let us not, dear Lord, commit the sin of gratitude for the bare minimum.”
  • “It’s [Not] Okay”: How Women Die In Comic Book Movies | The Mary Sue (January 12): “Comic books and their adaptations, which we are thankfully getting a whole lot more of, can be a powerful tool in shaping our culture’s perception of women, and it’s time that script writers quit relying on the deaths of women to make their stories appear more interesting.”
  • YC Demographics | YCombinator (January 14): “Based on analyzing a random sample of 5% of YC winter 2015 applicants, 11.8% of the founders who applied were women and around 3% percent of the founders were either Black or Hispanic.
    Of the founders we funded in our most recent batch, 11.1% of the founders are women (about 23% of the startups have one or more female founders), 3.7% of the founders are Hispanic, and 4% of the founders are Black.”
  • Announcing AdaCamp Montreal: apply now to join us in Montreal in April! | Ada Initiative (January 14): “AdaCamp Montreal, our seventh AdaCamp, will be held in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. on April 13th–14th, 2015, just after PyCon. The event will involve an unconference held over the two days, along with evening social events.” “Deadline for applications requesting travel assistance is Friday, February 13 2015; all other applications are due February 27th or earlier depending on demand. (we recommend you apply ASAP)”
  • Corporate social responsibility and open source volunteering | Growstuff (January 15): “Does your company have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program? Do your staff volunteer on community projects as part of it? Do your software engineers or other technical staff offer their skills to community organisations or other good causes? If you run an open source project, especially one related to a social cause, have you ever invited companies to participate in your project as part of their CSR efforts? How do you make it easy for CSR volunteers to help out?…Here are some of my tips for successfully matching corporate volunteers with open source projects, and working productively together.”

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