School’s Out For Linkspam (15 March 2015)

  • Every day, we read about another woman who has thrown in the towel. | Paul Cowan | Google+ (March 8): “I want to make one thing perfectly clear, especially to my fellow white straight cis-males: I’m not OK with this. Not by a very long way. As a manager, I want to make it quite clear that any team under my management will have zero tolerance for sexism, racism and transphobia, in whatever form they come. If I see it, I will call it out. If you want to do it, move elsewhere (ideally out of my company, or even better out of CS altogether).”
  • This Fake App Just Summed Up Everything That’s Wrong With Silicon Valley | Mother Jones (March 12): “WellDeserved is an app that helps you “monetize” your privilege—be it racial, gender-based, or socioeconomic—by sharing it (temporarily, of course) with other people. The fictional app was the winning entry at last month’s Comedy Hack Dayin San Francisco, where creative agency Cultivated Wit challenged contestants to come up with a comedic app idea and pitch it to judges, all in 48 hours.”
  • DIY Feminist Cybersecurity | Safe Hub Collective “We’ll walk through common areas of digital life such as web browsing, private data, and smartphones to show you different ways that you can implement as much or little security as you’re comfortable with. You have power to set boundaries and protections in your digital spaces as you see fit: we hope that this guide will help you to make informed, personal decisions on what is right for you.”
  • The Ladies of my Women in STEM Jewelry Series | Auberg Designs (March 5): “I started this line of jewelry to bring attention to some of history’s fascinating women of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) who often go unnoticed. As a huge history nerd, part of my motivation for this series was so I could have an excuse to read about these fascinating ladies. “
  • reddit CEO Ellen Pao: Harassment complaints fell on deaf ears at Kleiner Perkins | Ars Technica (March 9): [CW: Descriptions of harassment] “It’s the first opportunity that Pao has taken to elaborate on the gender discrimination claims she made in 2012. And the questioning started by going all the way back to the day Pao was hired at Kleiner Perkins.”
  • Why Ellen Pao’s Gender Discrimination Suit Matters | Motherboard (March 10): “But the fact that in 2015—after so much public outcry from women and people of color about harassment, discrimination, power and abuse—we still look to a court trial as the only yardstick to provide legitimacy to the lived experience of millions is downright shameful,” [Saadia Muzaffar, the founder of TechGirls Canada] said.
  • Kleiner Accuser Testifies on Sexism | Wall Street Journal (March 9): [paywall] “Ms. Pao also testified Monday she wasn’t offered a board seat at RPX Corp., which helps companies avoid patent litigation, because she was preparing to go on maternity leave. She said she was moved to a smaller, back office when she said she would be uncomfortable if Mr. Nazre took an office directly facing hers.”
  • Men (Still) Explain Technology to Me: Gender and Education Technology | Hack Education (March 11): ‘What we can do to make sure that when we say “your assignment involves the Internet” that we haven’t triggered half the class with fears of abuse, harassment, exposure, rape, death?’
  • Gender Avenger Wants You to Report All-Male SXSW Panels With Its Simple App | GOOD (March 13): “If you’re headed to SXSW and armed with a badge, make sure to take notes on the genders of the panelists you encounter, because it could make a difference. The female representation advocates at Gender Avenger are inviting all festival goers to report the female-to -male ratio of panelists using their Gender Tally app. The goal is to turn the data into sharable and embeddable charts, the charts into conversation, the conversation into action and the action into progress.”
  • Dear Marissa | Model View Culture (March 10): “With all of this data — presented both anecdotally and via rigorous research — how much longer can we explain away (or in your case, dismiss) the glaring institutional gender inequities that plague the tech field? What have you to say about race, physical ability, age, and a myriad other attributes that cause people to remain on the sidelines of tech? How much talent are you willing to overlook in an effort to hold on to your myths?”
  • Engineering: the first run experience | never a straight line (March 10): [CW for sexual harassment] “A new developer’s (especially a junior dev’s) first run experience within a job are the ones they’re going to remember for the years to come. The gravity of that responsibility should be treated with respect. Given that women in tech leave the field in droves, it’s clear that as a whole, the industry doesn’t give enough thought to the first impression that it has on developers entering the field.”
  • A Metaphor to Retire | Inside Higher Ed (March 3): “Many leaks in the pipeline continue using their technical skills in important ways. For instance, my team’s data science skills helped improve our partner’s warning system, doubling performance in some cases. Let’s abandon this inaccurate and pejorative metaphor. It unfairly stigmatizes women and perpetuates outdated assumptions.”

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