Cold as Linkspam (10 April 2015)

  • Notes on Reconnaissance and the need for harassment policies at SF Conventions | A.C. Buchanan (March 21): “As a generalised statement, the people most likely to be concerned about harassment are the people who are most likely to experience it. And these are often the people who have the least resources, the least energy, and are often just plain sick of fighting this everywhere they go. Phrases like “I want to learn” or “show me how to do this” are often used as derailing to further suck energy from people who have least ability.”
  • Anti-Abuse Team new policies & procedures — Public comment period April 3-17 | WisCon (April 3): “Since last fall, members of the WisCon Anti-Abuse Team have been working on developing new anti-harassment policies and procedures for our convention. We have been guided by the goal of making WisCon a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. To that end, we have worked to develop a policy that 1) makes reporting easy, 2) is compassionate and reporter centered, 3) facilitates a timely response and clear communication, and 4) reduces incidence of harassment through member education and by fostering a supportive, respectful climate.”
  • App For Hiring Decisions | Dilbert Comic Strip (April 6): Dilbert covers sexism in tech hiring and the workplace in this comic, as well as in Useless Mansplainers (April 7) and Mansplaining The Network (April 8).
  • How can we really get more women into tech? | Finding Ada (April 2): “Money is the one thing that never gets discussed in the public conversation about women in tech or STEM. Money gets glossed over, as if grassroots groups magically survive on the smell of a Jane Austen £10 note, or as if all we need are volunteers.”
  • Feminists in Tech: Please Stop Treating Sex Work as a Contagion by Eva Gantz | Model View Culture (April 6): “This view is every bit as reactionary as a conservative desire to regulate female sexuality. It places the blame squarely on porn performers, and removes any responsibility from men in tech. I received a clear message: sex work apparently undermines everything that women in tech are fighting for.”
  • G(o)rrrr  | Crooked Timber (April 6): At the General Online Research conference in March, women volunteerswere wearing “GORgeous” t-shirts, men volunteers were wearing “GORilla” T-shirts. The conference also had an all-man panel on “Behavioural Economics: A new idea of man — a need for new methods?”. The German Society for Online Research, which sponsored the conference, responded in the comments.
  • Teen girls coding their way to a brighter future | CNN (April 2): “Set up by local Amadu Mohammad, the non-profit organization supports 250 girls between the age of six and 18, priming them for formal education through extracurricular classes in reading, math, poetry and information technology. Its goal is to break through social barriers and provide Nima with a generation of female role models, and so the group provides school funding to help the girls shape their own future.”
  • Reddit eliminates salary talk from hiring | Mashable (April 6): “Ellen Pao, the interim CEO of Reddit, has seen women struggle with salary negotiations. So she’s eliminating money talk from the company’s hiring process. In her first interview since losing the landmark Silicon Valley trial, Pao told The Wall Street Journal that she has eliminated salary negotiations from the hiring process at Reddit, where she currently serves as interim CEO.”
  • The key to getting ahead for female tech entrepreneurs | The Age (April 2): “As a female entrepreneur Woodhouse said that having male mentors and advisors willing to ride shotgun with her in business meetings has been essential. She added that she had also struggled to find software developers who were willing to work with a woman.”

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    1. Quisty

      Frankly, I think you’re missing the point. Who exactly is helped by feminists in tech hating on sex workers? Who is helped by women fighting with and hating on other women? It sure as hell isn’t women, or feminism, or sex workers. Regardless of how you feel about sex work they don’t deserve being thrown under the bus just because Tech has a rampant misogyny problem.

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