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  • Beyond Storytelling: Actionable Ways to Help with Tech’s “Woman Problem” | Autostraddle (April 11): “How many times do we have to tell these stories before they become real — before we all agree that this is a problem, and more than that, agree to do something about it? The conversation around sexism in the tech industry is completely halted in the “telling our stories” phase. I am sick of talking about “tech’s diversity problem.” I want to move the conversation forward, and I want to make things better.”
  • Sexism and Fonts | Typographica (April 8): “We spend a lot of time critiquing typefaces: their formal qualities, their historical references, their contemporary influences. We spend a bit less time discussing how those fonts are marketed and advertised. […] Consider a few choice lines from the microsites that describe… the type: “the flowing curves of a woman’s body” “all wrapped up in the leggy body of a Brazilian supermodel” “Like a supermodel, it can’t be squeezed into every situation.” “packed with alternates to play with… enough to turn you on and satisfy” “It looks good dressed down or in a little black dress.” Is talking about and presenting type in the visual language of seductive advertising sexist?”
  • Girls Make Games Proves Future Of The Gaming Industry Won’t Look Like A Boys Club | iDigitalTimes (April 9): About the formation of Girls Make Games, a summer camp for girls aged 9-13 to learn skills in game design, leading to creating successful games such as the newly-Greenlit The Hole Story.
  • Coding Scholarship for High School Girls – Kode with Karlie Kloss | Flatiron School: Flatiron School teams up with model Karlie Kloss to provide full scholarships for high school girls to learn software engineering.
  • Where Are the Women of Color in New Media Art? | Hyperallergic (April 7): “If radical and marginalized voices were meant to be a part of the conversation, why was the group specifically hand-picked? Why not allow women to have a seat at the table and join the conversation? It becomes challenging when [Women of Color] and [Queer & Trans Women of Color] are exchanging and sharing knowledge only among themselves — the situation becomes circular. The internet certainly allows for groups to engage in global conversations, but the fact remains that a “congress of cyberfeminist[s]” comprised of predominantly cis white women discussing issues of privacy, surveillance, new media, and digital art at a prestigious university doesn’t exactly help the communities that become the subjects of their discussions. It can be isolating to women in search of this type of (necessary) dialogue.”
  • Silicon Valley’s Other Diversity Problem: Age Bias in Tech by Grace Wong | Model View Culture (April 9): “But the open-mindedness that permits very young people to succeed in tech seems to go out the window when it comes to the other end of the age spectrum. Individuals who try to enter the tech industry via a non-traditional route are frequently told to “fake it until you make it,” but age is a tricky thing to try to fake. If asked outright, once you answer honestly, it feels like you’ve revealed something that can’t be taken back. And you have no control over how it will influence the way your abilities are judged.”
  • Making a makerspace – part 1 | Velochic Design: Shirley Hicks writes about the process of co-founding the Red Mountain Makers space in Alabama.
  • Fresh Romance Diverse Comics Magazine Announces New Creative Teams and Gail Simone Goal | The Mary Sue (April 8): New goals for the Kickstarter project for Fresh Romance, created to provide more opportunities for women in comics.
  • Who wants to be CEO? Not millennial women. | Fortune (April 3): “In a recent study by talent management firm Saba and WorkplaceTrends.com, just 36% of respondents who said they aspire to a C-level position at their company were women. Also disinterested in the top job: Millennials, who accounted for only 31% of those who said they wanted a spot in the C-Suite. That compares with 68% of older employees wanting top-level jobs. What’s going on here? When it comes to women, there’s one obvious factor at work: A lack of role models.”
  • 2014 VIDA Women in Literary Arts Count (April 4): Exploring the representation of women, including a specific survey of women of color, in literary writing.
  • A 12-Year-Old Girl Takes On The Video Game Industry | NPR Planet Money (April 8): “In a lot of video games, the default character is a guy. If you want to play as a female character, it’s not easy. Often you have to pay. […] Maddie decided to test her claim with a research project. She downloaded the 50 most popular games in the same category as Temple Run. She counted up how many offered female characters and how much they cost. And she handwrote her results on a spreadsheet. Out of the 50 games, 37 offered free male characters. Just five offered free female characters.”


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