ENOLINKSPAM (21 April 2015)

  • The Conversation No One Wants To Have: Gender Stereotyping | Forbes (April 16): “Two of the four panelists showed a lack of understanding of the subject; the moderator was unaware of the dictionary definition of feminism; and, some left feeling short-changed of the productive discussion they were promised. No statement seemed malicious; most simply seemed to circle the point of understanding without touching it.”
  • Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman tech sector’s wealthiest woman: Wealth-X | The Financial Express (April 15): “The net worth of women on the Wealth-X list lags far behind their male peers in the technology sector”
  • Why Job Titles Matter If You Care About Diversity | MVSEVMSTORE (April 16): “But after working at a handful of different companies that de-emphasize titles, I’ve realized that there are drawbacks to titleless-ness, and that those drawbacks disproportionately impact people who conform the least to the stereotypes of their role.”
  • tim | Last Exit to Loyalty (On Holding On Past The) (April 14): “I wrote the rest of this essay to wrestle with the question: “Given the many advantages of having a comfortable, high-paying, flexible desk job, are the frustrations I feel really bad enough to justify taking the risky path of searching for something more grounding? In the absence of pure intellectual pleasure and in the absence of the feeling of social benefit, will continuing to work in the software industry help me more than it hurts?” The short answers are “yes” and “no”. Here’s the long answer.”
  • tim | Laying Down the Banhammer (April 17): “My feminism is for me. But Geek Feminism isn’t for me, anymore. It does, and should continue to center, feminism that’s for women. Those of us who are men need to make our own feminist spaces, not ones that exclude women but ones that can occupy a space that doesn’t suck attention and resources away from the more pressing needs…”

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