The physical layer, the network layer, the linkspam layer (1 May 2015)

  • Why some men pretend to work 80 hours a week | Harvard Business Review: “Many of these men acted on their feelings, finding different ways to resist the firm’s expectations that they be ideal workers. How they resisted shaped their futures at the firm in important ways: some men made small, under-the-radar changes to their work that allowed them to pull back, while still “passing” as the work-devoted superheroes the firm valued. Others were more transparent about their difficulties, and asked the firm for help in pulling back. Their efforts resulted in harsh penalties and marginalization.
  • Interactive exhibit features two decades of female game developers | Kill Screen – Videogame Arts & Culture.: ““Women created this industry,” Alex Handy, founder and director of a California digital art museum, told me via email. “From the imagination and creativity of Roberta Williams, to the technical skill of Carol Shaw, to the leadership skills of Amy Henning, women are an integral part of the history of video games.” Now, a new exhibit in Oakland, California, honors the legacy of Williams, Shaw, Henning and five other female developers. “Women in Game Development” opened April 12 at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment and is expected to run through the summer, said MADE founder Handy.”
  • The Police State is already here. | mathbabe: “Take a look at this incredible Guardian article written by Rose Hackman. Her title is, Is the online surveillance of black teenagers the new stop-and-frisk? but honestly that’s a pretty tame comparison if you think about the kinds of permanent electronic information that the police are collecting about black boys in Harlem as young as 10 years old.”
  • Online Troll Urges Game Developer Rachel Bryk To Commit Suicide: [CW: Suicide, harassment, abuse, transphobia] “Over the past two years, Bryk had become one of the most prominent game developers on a software project called Dolphin. She was well-known for her work on Gamecube and Wii emulators—her favorite being Pucca’s Kisses. Despite her beloved status in online gaming communities, Bryk commented on a popular 4chan forum that she was withdrawing from various sites because she suffered constant, trans-phobic harassment. After her death, word quickly spread throughout these communities, and forums were flooded with memorial posts in her honor, and tributes to her work and collaborative nature.”
  • It’s a man’s world – for one peer reviewer, at least | Retraction Watch: “Fiona Ingleby, a postdoc in evolutionary genetics at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, co-wrote an article on gender differences in the transition from PhD-dom to postdoc land and submitted it to a journal for consideration. What she heard back was lamentably ironic — and grossly sexist.”
  • Minecraft, Temple Run: Video game characters don’t have to default to male | Slate: “Fans of Minecraft—especially girls—have long felt frustrated that the only default character available in the popular building game is a man. Now, the game’s programmers have announced that players will get a lady option.”
  • How to Attract Female Engineers | “Women seem to be drawn to engineering projects that attempt to achieve societal good. Curious to learn whether that was true at other universities, my colleagues and I contacted the dozens of universities that have programs aimed at reducing global poverty and inequality. What we found was consistent and remarkable.”
  • Crash Course: An apology to the transgender community | Slate.: “But what you don’t get to decide is what offends others, especially in a group you’re not a part of.”
  • Game of Fear: The Story Behind GamerGate | Boston Magazine : [Strong CW: Gamergate, Stalking, Abuse, Harassment] “What if a stalker had an army? Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend was obsessed with destroying her reputation—and thousands of online strangers were eager to help.”
  • Boots or Heels: My Wardrobe Paradox as a Woman in STEM | Scientific American Blogs: “I feel like I have found a balance again, partly as a result of being surrounded by so many STEM women in my daily life who are so different. Some love to bake, some love makeup and fancy shoes, some raise their own chickens, some are avid rock climbers, some sew their own clothes, and some have a collection of super hero costumes. But when we are together, no one questions our intellectual ability or commitment to science.”
  • The Recompiler: a magazine about technology | Indiegogo: “The Recompiler will invite writers and artists who work and play with technology to share what they know: how do things work? who builds what? how much can we take apart, and what will it look like to rebuild our technology and make it better? We’ll do this through a quarterly print and online magazine. As a subscriber, you will be a part of our learning community.”

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