Land of Geeks and Linkspam (13 May 2015)

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  • Completely Truthful Answers to Lady Engineer Questions | Medium (May 4): “To save tech journalists some time, I put together a comprehensive FAQ on behalf of all women in tech. You’re welcome.”
  • Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing | AAUW (March 26): “Women engineers who were most satisfied with their jobs, in contrast, worked for organizations that provided clear paths for advancement, gave employees challenging assignments that helped develop and strengthen new skills, and valued and recognized employees’ contributions. In other words, workplaces with good management practices were more likely to retain women employees. … Harvey Mudd College has dramatically increased the number of women computer science graduates at the school with three simple interventions designed to welcome beginning students into the curriculum rather than weed them out.”
  • Business of Art Fix: Keeping The Indie Dream Alive When Talking Pay and Other Stories | Autostraddle (May 6): “What’s tough for me about the initiative is its predication on the assumption that business owners are paying their workers as little as they can and themselves as much as they can get away with. If we expose these practices, #talkpay suggests, we can fix the inequality that results from them. Voswinkel says as much in her post, asserting that “The fact is, companies are doing everything they can to increase their bottom line, and as such, they are actively trying to pay you as little as possible, with the understanding that if they underpay you too much, they will lose talent.” Obviously, every initiative can’t be everything to everyone, and #talkpay succeeded at its specific angle. I guess I’d like to add to that conversation, though, by asking, “What happens when pay inequality starts at the top?” What happens when, because a business is owned by women and aimed at women with no connections in the business sector or access to “angel investors,” there’s no choice but to underpay?”
  • Introducing the #NASADatanauts | open.NASA (May 8): “In keeping with NASA’s focus on Women in Data this year, the first class of #NASADatanauts will be women.”
  • Being “out” as a #scimom | Dynamic Ecology (May 11): “Something that is very important to me is to be open about being a scientist – a woman scientist, in particular – who has children. The data don’t paint a rosy picture for scientist mothers, and this is in part because of the biases we all have related to women in science (and especially regarding women in science with children). My hope is that, by being open about being a scientist mother, I can do my small part to normalize the idea of women scientists having children.”
  • Sources: You Can Play As A Woman In Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate | Kotaku (May 11): “Almost a year after publisher Ubisoft made headlines for not including female protagonists in Assassin’s Creed Unity, today we’ve got news that there will be a playable woman assassin in the next entry of Ubisoft’s mega-series”
  • Finding Sharla Boehm | The Edtech Curmudgeon (May 12): A follow-up to the article on Sharla Boehm that appeared in the April 24 Linkspam
  • CTO Megan Smith explains how women in tech are erased from history | Boing Boing (May 8): “Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Megan Smith, stopped by the Charlie Rose show recently and revealed a starting fact: Although four women worked on the Macintosh team in the 1980s, not a single one was cast in the 2013 biopic Jobs with Ashton Kutcher. Even worse, all seven men who worked on the project had speaking roles in the film.”
  • A note to my fellow white feminists about the renewal of Agent Carter | Teh Awesome Sauce (May 8): “We’re SO EXCITED about Season 2, and we can’t wait to see a lot more diversity. Where’s Jim Morita? Where’s Gabe Jones? Where are plots dealing with racial issues in the era? Where are all the women of color? It’s NEW YORK CITY, FFS. By both actual reality and comics canon, the show is about 8000% too white.”
  • A Post About The Hugos | Unintended Consequences (May 11): “The con gained over 2,600 supporting memberships since March 31st of this year and about 350 attending memberships.”
  • Hi Maro ! I recently noticed some people who were… | Blogatog (May 10): “I think people who are used to being represented in various media and games don’t always understand the importance of it because they’ve never experienced not having it.” (This is the blog of the head designer of Magic the Gathering.)
  • Web developers heat up SJ tech scene | Courier-Post (April 28): Profile of South Jersey techie Pamela Bey.

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