We Built This Linkspam on Rock and Roll (28 May 2015)

  • (CW: rape) A Song of Ice and Fire has a rape problem. | tafkar: “George R. R. Martin uses nameless women’s bodies as character development for male antagonists in A Song of Ice and Fire. Rape victims serve as props and set decoration to illustrate a man’s depravity. Social class does not protect them. The only raped women who tell us their tales, either directly through inner monologue or by telling their story to another character, are villains. Despite numerous claims, Martin’s portrayal of rape is not supported by history.”
  • Denver ComicCon Had a Women In Comics Panel With No Women | Comics Alliance: “Certainly men can be part of the conversation about the place of women in comics throughout history and even today. But they should not be the only people speaking, nor should any panels featuring men speaking about women be given a pass because they’re about history and not diversity. Women deserve the right to speak about their own history.”
  • It’d Be Crazy if VC Firms Didn’t Fix Their Gender Problem | WIRED: “Venture capital isn’t just discriminating while cutting itself off from women’s talent, smarts, and insight. It’s denying itself a huge hunk of unclaimed business—which makes venture capital’s vaunted meritocracy pretty unmeritorious.”
  • Ex Machina Has a Serious Fembot Problem | WIRED: “In a way, Garland is right; pure intelligence wouldn’t have a gender any more than it would have a race. But to say that and then place that consciousness into a body that it will immediately recognize its likeness as female negates that point.”
  • (CW: Abuse, suicidal thoughts) On #YesAllWomen, One Year Later | The Toast: “My Twitter mentions were bursting with reasons why I should [die]. I was a man-hater. I was a rabid feminist. I was capitalizing on a tragedy. I was a terrorist in sheep’s clothing. I was a hypocrite. […] I was a Muslim woman who had dared to start a viral hashtag that laid out the fears women faced – while men shamed and accused them of generalizing against an entire gender for the sins of a perceived few. I was the creator of #YesAllWomen, and in that moment, I had no idea what the morning would bring me.”
  • (CW: Screenshots of abusive texts) How I responded to sexism in gaming with empathy – Lilian Chen | TedEd: “Lilian Chen grew up playing Super Smash Brothers Melee. But when her love of the game led her to compete in national tournaments, she noticed a big gender imbalance that brought with it a troubling social dynamic. In this TEDYouth talk, Lilian details her experiences with sexism in the Smash community and how she is now aiming to raise awareness for this topic in a way that doesn’t shame male gamers.”
  • The Avengers’ Black Widow Has a Smurfette Problem | The Atlantic: “But Renner’s “slut” joke isn’t an example of “shipping”—i.e. rooting for a romance to happen. It’s an insistence upon seeing a woman purely in sexual terms. It’s also a rejection of the notion that men and women can have platonic relationships—that Smurfette could just be friends with the other 99 blue people in her village.”

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