Mad Link: Fury Spam (9 June 2015)

  • Supreme Court Overturns Conviction in Online Threats Case, Citing Intent | The New York Times (June 1): “The Supreme Court on Monday made it harder to prosecute people for threats made on Facebook and other social media, reversing the conviction of a Pennsylvania man who directed brutally violent language against his estranged wife.Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority, said prosecutors must do more than prove that reasonable people would view statements as threats. The defendant’s state of mind matters, the chief justice wrote, though he declined to say just where the legal line is drawn.”
  • Study: half of black and Latina women scientists have been mistaken for admin or custodial staff | Vox (June 4): “personal choices aren’t the only reason women decide to leave STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. The bias they face in the workplace once they enter these jobs plays a huge role, too. And unsurprisingly that bias is especially intense and takes different forms when it comes to women of color.”
  • Event in St Louis June 13: Super Heroines on the Small Screen | Meetup: “50% of the population is female, but did you know only 37% of all lead roles on cable television are women? Be a part of our discussion about the under-representation and portrayal of super heroines in TV through the years. Our panelists will break down popular television shows and examine their representation of women – the good and the bad – through clips and debate.”
  • Silicon Valley startups are obsessed with developing tech to replace their moms | Business Insider (May 10): “Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have millions in funding to spend on startups and maybe tackle world problems. Based on what they’re building though, it kinda looks like they just want their mom around.”
  • So you want to read about…girl superheroes | Austin Public Library (June 2): “So you want to read about girl superheroes? Of course you do! With Black Widow on movie screens and Supergirl about to grace our television screens, it’s no surprise you feel like picking up a comic or two (or ten). Lucky you, Austin Public Library has a whole host of comics featuring awesome ladies to satisfy your reading needs”
  • Better advice for ‘Bothered’ | Science Careers (June 4): CW: Sexual harassment “The deleted Ask Alice post offering advice to “Bothered,” a female postdoc whose male adviser “won’t stop looking down my shirt,” brought a torrent of critical responses. Many critiqued the original advice: “As long as your adviser does not move on to other advances, I suggest you put up with it, with good humor if you can.” Most criticized Science Careers for posting it. And some filled the gap they felt the original post left by offering their own advice to women scientists coping with unwanted attention from a man in a position of power.”
  • Meet Screet, a  Feminist Sexual Health App | Feministing (June 8): “Screet, and other apps like it, demonstrate the exciting innovation that happens when tech start-ups place feminist goals, such as inclusive sexual health, at the center of their mission rather than wait to incorporate these themes later down the product life-line. Hopefully the continued success of this young start-up will inspire other founders, engineers, investors, and users that tech and feminism go along together rather than just ‘leaning-in.’” [Editor’s Note: a reboot of Screet is happening at]
  • Apple Finally Puts Women on the Stage | Bloomberg (June 8):  “The fact that Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are starting to give their female employees a chance to be a part of telling their stories seems like progress. But the real achievement will be when it’s not news that women are participating in these kind of events.”

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