Consider the linkspams, how they grow (16 June 2015)

  • The unseen women scientists behind Tim Hunt’s Nobel prize | The Guardian: “It is obvious that his comments were sexist, but few people could recognise the names or faces of the women he has so thoughtlessly brushed aside. Even in his inadequate apology, he neglected to mention any women scientists who have impressed him during his career, choosing instead to justify himself with unsolicited details about his love life. Many have railed against Hunt’s casual chauvinism, without questioning why positive remarks about women are still missing. Would such comments be irrelevant? Unless we acknowledge the stories of women he has forgotten, a negative portrayal of women once again takes centre stage.”
  • #TooGayForWifi: Please Stop Blocking Gay Websites | Autostraddle: “In the past year, I’ve been collecting reports of places where Autostraddle cannot be viewed. They include but are not limited to: airports, government agencies (like certain DMVs), car dealerships, gyms and schools. I’ve also been researching which filtration companies these places are using and what filtration categories they’re making available to their clients. I’ve come to two conclusions: most entities aren’t censoring gay content on purpose, they’ve just literally never thought of it; and filters, in most cases, are a waste of resources and a bad idea in general.”
  • I Stand with Irene Gallo | Bedside Notepad: “I’m done with guys being all, oh, women in geekdom get harassed and doxxed and threatened when they speak up about sexism? I HAD NO IDEA. I don’t believe your ignorance any more. You are lying. You are lying because you don’t want to be bothered. Because the serial harasser you employed was a guy you kinda liked.”
  • Female Comics Experts and Pros to Host “Men In Comics” Panel at This Month’s Indy PopCon | The Mary Sue: “We at The Mary Sue were none too happy when we heard about the all-male “Women in Comics” panel at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones.’s Gabrial Canada sees how underrepresented women are in all aspects of geek culture and decided to respond to that Denver Comic Con panel by creating this “Men in Comics” panel featuring all women at this month’s Indy PopCon in Indianapolis.”
  • These Women Scientists Know Exactly How #DistractinglySexy They Really Are: “Efforts to not only make women in STEM visible, but to further make that visibility positive and inspiring, are therefore crucial. As these Twitter users are showing, female scientists aren’t distractingly sexy — they’re necessary and valuable additions to every lab.”
  • Leveling Both Sides of the Playing Field | Medium: “What if, instead of teaching women that they have to raise their hands to speak at meetings, we taught men to be more reflective and circumspect; instead of telling women to tamp down their emotions at the office, a man was told that he didn’t appear committed enough to the job because he’s never shed tears over it; instead of pushing women to take public credit for their work, we publicly admonish men who don’t properly acknowledge others’ contributions? I was just invited to a seminar on public speaking skills for women — where’s the class on listening skills for men?”
  • I, Too, Left the Tech Industry | Evgenia Got Free: “We are supposed to manage stress without being able to manage the sources of stress: abusive managers, abusive work practices, unfair wages. This tells us that our feelings, and the results of having them, are the problem, but not the things that caused those feelings in the first place.”

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  1. ConFigures

    Re Leveling: “What if … a man was told that he didn’t appear committed enough to the job because he’s never shed tears over it”
    I’ll try to remember this one the next time I see/hear someone going on about Flair, er, I mean Passion.

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