Feel Like Making Linkspam (26 June 2015)

      • How NASA Broke The Gender Barrier In STEM | Fast Company (June 23): “The convergence of open data and female leadership has the potential to challenge traditional decision making across sectors and facilitate more data-driven and collaborative approaches in creating new ventures and solving problems. Datanauts was born out of NASA’s open-data priorities as a means to bring more women to the open-data table. While the program is intended for women and men, the founding class is made up entirely of women to encourage other female techies and makers to take the “data leap,” as Beth Beck, Open Innovation program manager at NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, calls it. Future classes will include men.”
      • Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral | Gizmodo (June 23): “Once the tone police arrive, we’re no longer talking about how disturbing it is that one of the top scientists in the world thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to work in labs because he might fall in love with them. Instead, we’re talking about whether it’s appropriate for women to mock his comments by posting pictures of themselves on Instagram.”
      • I’m a female scientist, and I agree with Tim Hunt. | Medium (June 14): “Science is based on observations, which are the same thing as universal proof. Even I know that, and I’m just a woman whose brain is filled to capacity with yoga poses and recipes for gluten-free organic soap. Once, I was lured into a trap in the woods because I followed a trail of Sex and the City DVDs for three miles into a covered pit. Do you really think I could do something as complicated as thinking about science?”
      • Journalist Laurie Penny banned from Facebook for using pseudonym | The Guardian (June 24): “Facebook has been accused of putting users at risk “of rape and death threats” by a journalist who was banned from the social networking site for using a pseudonym.Laurie Penny, a contributing editor at the weekly political magazine the New Statesman, who also writes for the Guardian, said she had been kicked off Facebook for using a fake name to avoid being trolled.”

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3 thoughts on “Feel Like Making Linkspam (26 June 2015)

  1. quixote

    Faceboog makes me ill. Rape and death death threats? A-OK. Women trying to participate on their stupid site without worrying themselves sick and sleepless? God, no. That wouldn’t be “accountable.”

  2. Dre

    Linkspam fodder:

    Jo Walton wrote a sci-fi novel entitled My Real Children. This past winter it was the top pick in women’s fiction in ALA-RUSA’s Reading List. At the ALA Annual Conference last weekend, Walton gave an amazing speech about her novel’s acceptance as both a work of sci fi and a work of women’s fiction, as well as the meaning of genre and cross-genre writing, and the role of women in science fiction. Read the transcript on her LiveJournal:


    Notable excerpt:
    “But what you often get, even now, is the kickass female protagonist, the woman in a traditionally male role, the female president, female spaceship captain, female marine. She’s a terrific role model… But when you say anyone can do anything but you only show everyone doing traditionally male things, you’re need to rethink the message you’re sending.”

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