The Tendency of the Rate of Linkspam to Fall (1 August 2015)

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  • Why Do People Hate Fangirls? | Laci Green (July 17): “Confession: All the practice I got before my first kiss happened with a giant backstreet boys poster taped to the back of my door in 1999. And I regret nothing!” Laci Green explains what’s wrong with hating fangirls.
  • Black Girls Rock: A look at Fierce, Feminist Women in Film | The Mary Sue (July 27): “It’s not enough to be the token friend, or the one Halle Berry in a sea of Regina Kings, or the sassy comic relief like Leslie Jones’s brief appearance in Trainwreck. We are beautiful and unique, and we deserve to be heard. That’s why I put together a list of amazing women in film roles that showcase black women as more than just the limited caricatures we are constantly bombarded with in mainstream media. This is your friendly reminder that black girls rock.”
  • Waiting for Captain Marvel is getting old | Feministing (July 28): “When Marvel announced the Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies, I was among those cheering. Finally, a superhero film that centered a person of color and a woman. The reality, however, is that those films aren’t coming until 2018. In the meantime, we have to wait and watch films like Ant-Man invoke some sort of pseudo-feminist-women-are-badass-but-still-need-protecting message. Frankly, I may not make it until 2018.”

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1 thought on “The Tendency of the Rate of Linkspam to Fall (1 August 2015)

  1. ConFigures

    Re film roles that showcase black women: I loved Robin Givens as the main character con artist in *A Rage in Harlem* (1991), set in the 50’s (based on Chester Himes’ novel). She’s smart, strong-willed, and funny. The rest of the cast have their moments too (a mortician, more con artists/gangsters, a transvestite brothel owner, and neighborhood folks). Good soundtrack. Warning: violence.

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