Oops I did it again, I linkspammed your heart (8 September 2015)

  • GenCon Follow-Up: Mike Mearls and D&D Consulting | Go Make Me a Sandwich (August 5): “In the end, I wound up doing research and writing that culminated in the creation of a (somewhat) brief document on guidelines designed to aid in the creation of positive depictions of women in D&D products.” Features the backstory and an excerpt with Dos and Don’ts.
  • Black Girls Are Magic Lit Mag is a new literary magazine featuring speculative fiction by and about black women.”
  • Some Jerks Used a 56-Year-Old Anti-Discrimination Law to Shut Down “Women in Tech” Group | The Mary Sue (September 4): “Chic CEO is a free online platform geared towards female entrepreneurs, which enables them to do things like network or find helpful resources for starting a business. CEO Stephanie Burns regularly secured space for these female entrepreneurs by organizing networking events and mixers for women. That all came to an end when two men, Allen Candelore and Rich Allison, tried to enter one of the female-focused events.”
  • Women in Comics – Back To School Edition | The Hub (September 4): “Sad as it may be for some, summer has come to a close and the new school year is upon us. In honor of this time of the year, here is a list of great comics by women that focus on back to school, whether this means starting college, transitioning to middle school or starting over at a new institution.”
  • The Problem With Trillian: Hitchhiker’s Guide and Me | The Toast (September 1): “Maybe figuring out Trillian’s failures can point the way to a new age of sci-fi women as distinctive and indelible as Ford Prefect or Zaphod Beeblebrox, women whose strength will lie not only in their smarts but in the way they stand guard against laziness and cliché.”
  • You literally cannot pay me to speak without a Code of Conduct | Rachel Nabors (September 1): “Recently I was approached by the User Experience field’s illustrious Jared Spool about giving a workshop and speaking at his spring conference UX Immersion in San Diego. At first I was delighted. (…) But there was a problem: Jared refused to have a Code of Conduct at his event.” Rachel Nabors, award-winning cartoonist turned digital storyteller, on why she refused to speak at UX Immersion.

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