The Linkspam Awakens (5 January 2016)

  • Our Turn: The trouble with whiteboard interviews | Concord Monitor (December 20): “The trend toward “whiteboard interviews” constitutes a form of hazing, bound to attract only certain personalities and demographics to tech jobs. Members of stereotyped groups such as women and people of color are particularly vulnerable to the use of this interview technique in fields dominated by white males. This vulnerability is backed by years of research in psychology but is currently ignored by tech companies.”
  • [CW: descriptions of harassment] The House That Silence Built: Harassment in the Comics Industry | Comics Alliance (December 21): “If multiple reports of harassment and even assault aren’t enough for a publisher to take meaningful action (and I do mean firing here; the consequence for assaulting someone at an industry event should be losing your job, and that should not be a controversial stance) we can only imagine what smaller indignities and attitudes women and men face in this industry.”
  • [CW: descriptions of harassment] The Developer Formerly Known as FreeBSDGirl | (December 31): “When someone has to leave an IRC channel and stop going to conferences because they are scared of a person, this is a sign that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s rare for people to speak up about negative behavior. If one person is uncomfortable, chances are that there’s more community members who are having issues with them but not speaking up.”
  • Where do you get your news? A question for intersectional feminists | The TapestryMaker Blog (January 4): “What I’d really like is something that’s been designed with an explicit goal of diversity, run by a woman-led organization where the software has been designed and implemented mostly by women and where the majority of the content comes from women and the people involved are intersectional feminists and/or womanists.”
  • Falsehoods Programmers believe about Gender | Alon Altman on Medium (December 29): “In this post I will expand on things assumed to be true about gender”
  • Why Feminist Criticism Is Necessary for Video Games as an Art Form |The Mary Sue (December 24): “What I find especially bizarre about anti-feminist gamers is that they are harming the case that video games are art. In fighting feminist criticism, they were also trying to stop gaming reaching an important milestone. Other art forms had their feminists, so why not video games? The anti-feminist gamers wanted their hobby to be treated as an art form, but were not willing to allow the scrutiny that came with that distinction.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers ahead

  • Rey is not a role model for little girls (major spoilers ahead) | Mike Adamick (December 21): “No, Rey is not the perfect role model for little girls. She’s a role model for boys. Indeed, she’s the perfect role model for little boys, and a whole bunch of supposedly grown ass men as well. She’s the role model they need. Frankly, she’s the role model our expanding universe of epic sexist bullshittery needs.”
  • A List of All the Asians in The Force Awakens, and Why Representation Matters | The Mary Sue (December 23): “this is how good it can feel to see someone like yourself represented on screen. Finding someone I finally, truly identified with was such a huge moment for me. Sure, I can find bits and pieces of myself in other characters, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look up to a few fictional characters as role models, but this is different, you see.”

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