The Law of Conservation of Linkspam (22 January 2016)

  • RC Start: Free one-on-one mentorship for new programmers | Recurse Center: “With RC Start, if you’re a new programmer, you can now get advice, pair program, have your code reviewed, and receive other support in becoming a better programmer – all without having to quit your job or pay thousands of dollars.”
  • The NASA Engineer on a Feminist Voyage | YouTube: (Video, November 2015) “Broadly spends “A Day With” Denisse Arranda, Venezuelan transplant, Virginia Beach resident, dance enthusiast, and top NASA engineer. With a major project on the horizon, and a husband far far away, Denisse’s life requires tight choreography.”
  • Gender Bias Simulator: “The simulation projects gender ratios for a theoretical company with eight hierarchical tiers, starting at entry-level (level 1) and proceeding to executive level (level 8). Gender bias is reflected in performance-review scores, which are used to determine who stays, who leaves, and who gets promoted.”
  • It’s not your fault. | Medium: “A recent study reported that 60% of women in Silicon Valley have been sexually harassed. Of those, 65% have received advances directly from a superior. These statistics caught me by surprise, though they probably shouldn’t have — I am one of them.”
  • Face-Palming Over Apple’s Diversity | Autostraddle: “Apple seems to truly believe that its vast plethora of Diversity & Inclusion efforts — and they are impressive, with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in helping NCWIT launch Latinas in Technology, providing scholarships to and hiring from public and private HBCUs, and doing their darnedest to inspire kids from an early age with unfettered access to hands-on STEM programs — gives them a pass to gloss over the severe lack of parity at the top.”
  • Hello Barbie isn’t just creepy. She is also pretty sexist. | Fusion: “Hello Barbie is programmed with eight different phrases to strike up a conversation about style, while she’s programmed with just one for computers. Sure she is also programmed to say she loves math and science, but while math is “cool,” fashion, according to Barbie, is so much more.”
  • Beware the Rule-Following Coworker, Harvard Study Warns | The Washington Post: : “In the continuum of toxic workers, there are those who are simply annoying and might just be a bad fit for an organization. At the other end are those who engage in harassment, bullying, fraud, theft or even violence in the workplace. The study zeroed in on those at the most extreme of the extreme who were fired for their toxic behavior.”
  • How One Man Tried to Write Women Out of CRISPR, the Biggest Biotech Innovation in Decades | Jezebel: “That Lander would attempt to write the definitive history of the development of a groundbreaking, potentially Nobel Prize-worthy technology, especially while in the midst of a legal battle surrounding exactly that, struck many as a bald-faced attempt at excising, in this case, the contribution of women from the scientific record.”
  • When Teamwork Doesn’t Work For Women | New York Times: “Ms. Sarsons discovered one group of female economists who enjoyed the same career success as men: those who work alone. Specifically, she says that “women who solo author everything have roughly the same chance of receiving tenure as a man.” So any gender differences must be because of the differential treatment of men and women who work collaboratively.”

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