Stand by your linkspam (1 February 2016)

  • Down and out in statistical computing | Adventures in Data (February 1): “So: unintentionally offensive variable name leads to a patch and the indication that it is much more than one person finding it offensive, leads to the President of the R Foundation dismissing the concerns as “shit-disturbing” and punishing the people who surfaced said concern.”
  • The week I made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Science List | Sarah Guthals on Medium (January 10): “When being nominated or recognized for my efforts, it’s not that I’m the best, or the one that should get the recognition, but I am one of the people that should be recognized, and that recognition could allow me to highlight all of the other people and efforts that have contributed to me being able to continue making my efforts towards helping others.”
  • How to stop the sexual harassment of women in science: reboot the system | The Conversation (January 28): “we don’t need to wait for journalists and politicians to shine a spotlight on more individual cases of harassment. It’s time individual researchers, science managers, departments and institutions made the commitment to reboot science and wipe out harassment.”
  • The “Women in Tech” movement is full of victim blaming bullshit | Life Tips (January 14): “It is time to focus the work on holding the men in charge accountable- not just trying to do things to “help women”.”
  • Names and Harvard | Adventures in Renaming (January 26): “If Harvard can be so on the ball with preferred names, why can’t anyone else? Why can’t PayPal let me decide what name I want to show on Paypal.Me rather than plastering my full name? Why can’t I have my debit card show the name I’d rather overly-friendly cashiers call me? And why is Facebook still being fussy over names? Just one quick note to the administrators (maybe not even that), and done. Easy.”
  • Plug In With The DIY Tech Superstar Of Adafruit Industries: BUST Interview | Bust Magazine (January 21): “While still a student, she built an mp3 player from scratch “for fun.” And after her classmates took notice, Fried began selling her own DIY kits. Today, Adafruit occupies a 15,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in N.Y.C., and Fried hosts weekly web hangouts where she answers tech questions and interacts with makers of all skill levels.”
  • Lady Science | Slate (January 25): “sexism isn’t a women’s problem, it’s a problem for everyone. Also it helps if men speak up, because men who might be a part of the problem will tend to listen to other men more than women. Ironic, but once this idea gets traction with them that problem itself might diminish.”

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