The Author of the Linkspams…My Brother (1 March 2016)

  • Even Mothra, Queen of the Kaiju, Has To Lean In Sometimes | Harlot (February 21): “Mothra stands (figuratively) as a symbol of the way women need to perform better, smarter, and faster than our male-counterparts (literally) to even just be part of the conversation.”
  • What Can Be Done To Address Harassment In Science? | Forbes (January 29): “Why does it make sense to identify such discrimination and harassment as scientific misconduct? Because research grants are awarded to achieve the dual goals of building new knowledge and training new scientists. Scientists who abuse training relationships to harm trainees, vulnerable members of the research community, are doing harm to the project of science. More broadly, beyond training relationships, scientists who in the course of their funded research activities engage in discrimination and harassment targeting other members of the scientific community are damaging relationships within the knowledge-building community — and, by extension, undercutting their field’s ability to build reliable knowledge.”
  • Refugee Girls Got To Dress Up As What They Want To Be When They Grow Up | Buzzfeed (February 3): “The International Rescue Committee recently sent photographer Meredith Hutchison to meet with young girls in two refugee camps in Jordan and ask them about their hopes and dreams. The project, called Vision Not Victim, saw the girls draw pictures of what they want to be when they grew up, now that they have escaped war. Each girl then participated in a photo shoot based on the drawings to pose as their grown-up selves. They were even given copies of the photos to show their families and keep with them as a reminder of their goals.”
  • The chemistry of discourse | Making Light (February 27): “What we really need for free speech is a varied ecosystem of different moderators, different regimes, different conversations. How do those spaces relate to one another when Twitter, Reddit, and the chans flatten the subcultural walls between them?”

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